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Wildcat Gabe York at Adidas Super 64

July 25th, 2011 News No Comments

Recent Arizona commit and 2012 guard Gabe York talks to

Avi: here with the latest Arizona commit, Gabe York. Gabe you just finished a tough game, tell me about how that went.
Gabe York: Uh, I mean, we, we let ‘em back in at the very end. Uh, we just gotta learn how to start playing together well and stop letting teams get back in the game late in the game.

Avi: Alright, you’re still advancing through the Super Pool play and through to bracket play now. What are the team’s thoughts going into that?
GY: Uh, I mean, we gotta let this go. Uh, it was a tough loss and same with last night’s game, it was a tough loss. Uh, we gotta, we gotta just regroup and get ready for tomorrow.

Avi: And over those three games, how do you think you played overall? What would your assessment be?
GY: Um, I think I’m doing really well. Uh, I’m playing well, trying to get my team involved as much as I can. Uh, it’s just the role playing now has to kick in. Um, I’m doing everything I can. I’m getting the team involved, I’m, I’m getting their mindset right so we’re, they’re gonna end up hitting some shots. I, uh, I have complete faith in them so, uh, I mean, once bracket play starts going I know they’ll get it together.

Avu: Alright, I gotta ask you some questions about Arizona. Grant Jerrett, who you’re familiar with, EJ Cooper, they’re over at the Fab 48. Have they talked to you since you’ve committed, or how have you been in contact?
GY: Yeah, well I mean, I don’t talk to Eric a lot. But, uh, me and, me and Grant are really good friends. I talk to him all the time. Uh, I talked to him the day I committed, I told him and he was excited said we were going to be roommates and stuff so I mean, yeah, it was all fun. Um, and then I talked to Brandon Ashley too, trying to get him to come. Uh, doing a little bit of recruiting myself. So…

Avi: And have you talked to any of the current players, the players you’ll be playing with?
GY: Yeah, uh, me and Nick Johnson are really good friends too. Uh, I knew him before he got to Arizona. Uh, and then, uh, Kevin, who I’m really good friends with, uh, who I, well, who I met out there, uh, was really—

Avi: Kevin Parrom?
GY: —yeah, and he called me from New York telling me Congratulations and we’re about to win a championship so be ready.

Avi: What did Nick tell you exactly because he’s on campus right now, he’s been there for a couple months?
GY: Yeah, uh, he just said it’s time to go in and work, that he’s trying to get a national championship and, uh, he’s happy that I’m coming, and, uh, it should be a really great fit.

Avi: Now what did, what do you like most about Sean Miller and Arizona that made you want to commit, because a lot of people they thought Arizona was a little behind in the recruitment. But what did they show you over the summer?
GY: I mean, just, uh, the facilities, man. Uh, it’s definitely a basketball player’s gym to grow out there and succeed. They have shooting machines at every single basket, um, 24-hour access, a brand new 3 million dollar gym, or something like that, uh, the Richard Jefferson. Um, so I mean, that was what really caught my eye, even the weight lifting, uh, is really gonna help me there.

Avi: Alright and what did Sean Miller tell you what you need to be working on up until you get on campus
GY: Uh, I mean, he didn’t, he didn’t tell me anything right now. He was just excited. He told me that he wanted to fly out to where I was and give me a hug for, uh, committing so, it was great. But I know I need to work on my defense and my ball handling, those are the two biggest things and I worked on that all last year and it’s, it’s gotten two steps up, so I need to get that, keep going.

Avi: Alright. And did you see the coaching staff at your games this weekend?
GY: Yeah, I did. I saw them at the very end. Um, I don’t really look at, uh, who’s here and who’s not during the game because it’s time to focus and be on that. But, after the game, I see them walking out and also them looking at me and stuff, so…

Avi: Alright man, well thanks a lot for talking to PointGuardU. Good luck.

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