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What to Expect from Aaron Gordon

September 11th, 2013 News No Comments


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Ivy Hunt-Ashram

Let me make this clear for the casual fans who are unacquainted with Aaron Gordon. The 6-foot-8 Bay Area forward will probably be the most exciting player in college basketball next year, as a freshman.

Gordon has unreal athleticism, exploding off the floor with one of the most insane vertical leaps you’ll see in basketball on any level. A fierce dunker, Gordon possesses a rare combination of power and agility.

The result is an electric, entertaining brand of basketball. Gordon is a terror in the open court, and is a masterful alley oop finisher. Just wait until the dunk contest at the Red-Blue game this October 12th. You’ll want to get your camera phones rolling early, because chances are Gordon’s dunks will tear the roof off McKale.

He’s a physical freak with world class athletic gifts, sure, but what makes Gordon really special is his skill level.

Gordon has great court vision, and is an excellent passer from the forward positions. With defenders weary of getting blown by and dunked on, Gordon can be one of Arizona’s best play-makers after TJ McConnell. He is one of the few star players that play a truly team oriented game.

He also has good ball handling skills, and will likely be able to take bigger players off the dribble. Expect more than a few highlight reel dunks when opposing teams make the mistake of covering Gordon with a defender who lacks speed.

Next year, Gordon is slated to play at both forward positions. He will likely line up alongside post players Brandon Ashley and Kaleb Tarczewski to start the game, playing more of a perimeter role.

When he’s asked to be a slasher, expect Gordon to score off athletic cuts to the basket and punish the rim when lanes to the hoop pop up. You can bet coach Sean Miller will draw up some lobs for Gordon, and you can bet that AG will finish with authority.

When Gordon is asked to play more on the inside, expect his strength and quickness to shine. Not only will Gordon be a threat to pull down offensive boards, he’ll be a threat to dunk them before he hits the ground. His unrelenting motor and tenacity will make him one of he most difficult matchups in the conference.

Gordon could be a once in a generation type of talent. He’s easily the most coveted recruit in school history, and from a physical standpoint, he could be the best ever. There’s a reason NBA scouts have been drooling over his ability since he was 15.

What can we expect from Gordon? Expect multiple appearances on the Sportscenter Top 10. Expect fans all over the country to tune into Arizona games simply to watch Gordon dunk. Expect all the hype in the world. But in spite of all that, with Gordon you can expect a star player with a blue collar attitude.

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