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Trier Talks Arizona, Kevin Durant

May 21st, 2015 News 1 Comment

Ezra Amacher

PGU caught up with incoming freshman Allonzo Trier after completing his senior year of high school to talk about life, basketball, and the future.

At age 11, Trier knew he was destined for great things.

Maryland Gatorade player of the year. McDonald’s All-American. Jordan Brand Classic MVP.

He knew he would go to places that most players around him could only dream of.

USA Basketball FIBA Americas U18 Championships. Findlay Prep. University of Arizona.

And he knew how to get there.

Every day, Trier would hit the gym for hours, drilling hundreds of shots, sharpening his ballhandling skills, and perfecting any other aspects of his game that might be perceived as a weakness.

Under the guidance of his mother, Marice, Trier developed the work ethic that separated him from the pack. Other kids might be taller or more athletic, but few if any were as willing to put in Trier’s number of hours in the gym.

“As a kid it was tough because I had to give up a lot of things,” Trier said. “Sometimes that meant missing a trip to the mall or a friend’s birthday party.”

Groomed to play basketball at an elite level from a young age, Trier and his mother understood there would be sacrifices along the way.

That included moving to new cities and different teams to ensure Trier was playing at the highest level of competition.

One season, the Seattle native was on an Oklahoma City home-school team. Not too long after, he was tearing it up at powerhouse Montrose Christian (Maryland), where he won the state Gatorade player of the year.

Most recently, Trier finished his senior year of high school at Findlay in Las Vegas. There, he guided the Pilots to a 29-3 record.

“It all helped me get to where I am today,” Trier said of moving around. “You just got to do whatever is necessary to get to this level of success.”

Now Trier is getting ready for his next stop: Arizona.

Allonzo Trier is like any teenagers in that he’ll go out and hang with friends, watch sports, play video games.

Only, Trier’s list of friends happens to include Kevin Durant, who the 19 year old got to know living in Oklahoma City.

“I go to KD’s house quite a bit,” Trier said. “We just hang out, watch games, work out.”

In particular, they will work on Trier’s footwork – an area that has already separated Trier from his peers.

The 2014 NBA MVP will even occasionally text Trier after games and provide him tips on what he needs to improve on.

Being friends with an NBA star has its privileges, as does being a rising star yourself. In Trier’s world, that means an influx of sneakers.

Trier admitted that at Findlay alone, he had over 100 pairs with him. Back home in OKC, there’s an overflowing closet of Nikes.

His favorites?

“Kobes, KDs, and anything retro.”

Trier’s shoe game not only serves as a source of pride, but also as a bench mark of where he wants to go.

When asked where he sees himself in ten years, Trier didn’t hesitate to answer.

“NBA All Star. No question.”

For now, the 6’4 shooting guard is preparing for the next step in his journey: Arizona.

Trier arrived in his new home of Tucson last week and is already getting in work with the team before the start of summer session.

“There aren’t any areas I really I feel like I need to improve on,” Trier said. “I’m just trying to work on everything in general and keep getting better.”

Trier, who is looking to play the two in college, is eager to play under Sean Miller. The two may also team up this summer for Team USA.

“I just know I’ll fit into the system however [Miller] wants it,” Trier said.

As for the upcoming season, Trier is optimistic that Arizona will remain at an elite level with the depth already in the program and the class coming in.

“We want to keep the level of success where it’s at,” Trier said. “Win a Pac-12 championship, win the Pac-12 Tournament and then in the NCAA Tournament who knows what will happen. But we’d like to get Arizona back to the Final Four because I know it has been awhile.”

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  1. Papadeuce

    June 1, 2015

    Awesome insider info Ezra! Thanks for putting this together for us and helping us get to know Allonzo a little better. I’m really looking forward to seeing this kid tear up the Pac next season and hopefully help us get over that hump.

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