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Rondae Jefferson in Spain Day Three Coverage

September 30th, 2012 News No Comments

Andrew Ochoa
Rondae came out showing his range in warmups and during the game hitting numerous 3 pointers against Estonia.
The game against Canada was competitive for a while and Rondae was feeling frustrated early on. He turned it to his advantage though and took it out on the Canadian team driving aggressively and at one point even pulled a 360 dunk on a Canadian. The rest of the team joined in and it was an alley-oop fest
The final was very competitive even though USA ultimately lost.
Serbia was hitting threes and managed to get an early advantage and hold onto it until Rondae decided to take over the game. He drove, blocked shots, rebounded and did anything possible to keep is team in the game. He showed a variety of acrobatic moves and made some impossible shots.. Once again he wanted the game in his hands and took the final shot sending the game into overtime where he once again hit a shot to put them up.
The game is first to 2 in OT and the Serbian made a contested 3 pt shot to clinch the win.and break down USA. It was a tough game with tempers flaring early as a Serbian player and Larry Austin (7) got into it and Rondae quickly ran in to protect his teammate.










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