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Isaiah Briscoe

May 22nd, 2014 Comments Off

Briscoe’s greatest strength is his ability to score the ball…..Excels at breaking his man down off the dribble in isolation situations, and loves to draw contact at the rim….. With a strong perimeter shot, he is equally comfortable catching and shooting or launching a pull up jump shot….. Because he uses the drive to set up his jumper, it often opens up the midrange and allows him to get his shot off….. Though Briscoe can be a streaky shooter, he has a tendency to catch fire and fill up the scoring column in a hurry….. His three point shot has improved much over the past year, though Briscoe is still more comfortable shooting from a step or two inside the line….. As his consistency improves from long distance, his ability to penetrate will become even harder to stop….. His 6’3″ 200 lb frame allows him to absorb contact and finish, which he does frequently….. He also possess an effective floater, which adds a level of depth to his penetration game….. Though he’s not an elite athlete, Briscoe is quick with the ball and creates separation with great change of pace….. He’s a strong ball handler who can knife his way into defenses, and he has a variety of 1-on-1 moves including a killer spin….. Still needs to become a better facilitator on offense if he has aspirations of transforming into a point guard….. Carrying the load on offense results in him being slightly turnover prone, though that could be shored up with better shot selection and playing with more offensive weapons around him….. Must improve lateral quickness and effort level to become a good defender on the next level….. For all his offensive gifts, Briscoe is still developing as a floor leader and an offensive facilitator….. Until he shows more maturity running the offense and understanding game situations, he’ll continue to be labeled as a combo guard. (5/11/13)

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