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PGU Talks to Stanley Johnson

June 11th, 2011 News No Comments

Stanley Johnson of the Oakland Soldiers talks to C2C Hoops and PGU at the Nike EYBL.

Kellie Watson: Kellie Watson with Today we’re here with Stanley Johnson. Stanley, tell me about your college recruiting process so far
Stanley Johnson: Um, I just been talking to schools in the Pac-12. I got, uh, some offers from USC and UCLA. And, um, I’m talking to Arizona right now and just communicating with them and seeing what the program’s looking like

KW: Are any schools recruiting you the hardest?
SJ: Probably USC, yeah USC

KW: are there any that you’re leaning toward more than others?
SJ: Not really. I’m just checking everybody out right now.

KW: What are important factors to you in choosing a college?
SJ: The college itself first of all. The area around it and then the program and the coaches. And the family feel, I want that.

KW: The what?
SJ: The family feel

KW: Alright. What type of teams are you looking towards playing? Like what style?
SJ: Um, definitely a West Coast offense cause I’m from here. I like playing up and down. I really don’t like playing in a half court set. I be, um, as good as that.

KW: So is it important for you to stay on the West Coast?
SJ: Huh?

KW: Is it important for you to play close to home?
SJ: Uh, no, not really. It’s not really important for me. I just like the size of the offense.

KW: Are your parents pushing you toward any one school?
SJ: Nah, they just, they’re just, uh, here, they’re supporting me. It’s like wherever school you think is the best and we think it’s the best and we make a good agreement on it and then we gonna decide where do I wanna go.

KW: If you had to describe your style on the Oakland Soldiers, what would it be?
SJ: Um, playing hard. I play hard on the Soldiers. I try to do the little things to help the team, rebounding, do smart plays and stuff.

KW: Is that what you think you’ll be bringing to whichever college team you choose?
SJ: Definitely yeah

KW: Is there anything specific you’re working on?
SJ: Um, my perimeter game. My jump shot and my pull up and stuff.

KW: Do you have a Facebook or a Twitter we can follow you at?
SJ: Yeah I do. Um, Stanley Johnson, uh, Facebook. I don’t have a Twitter yet.

KW: Haha me neither. This is Kellie Watson with

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