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PGU Presents: Channing Frye Red-Blue Game Interview

October 24th, 2011 News No Comments


Pras Murthy

PGU: How has it been being back in Tucson?
Frye: It’s been great. I’ve just been hanging out with Andre (Iguodala) and Richard (Jefferson) and the guys, we went out and had some fun.

PGU: You don’t usually get the chance to come back to McKale during the college hoops season, how was that?
Frye: It was great to be back at McKale, with all the great memories I had there. It feels good to feel like you’re part of the family.

PGU: We’ve gotta ask, last season you and Jerryd Bayless got into a little scuffle during a game, what was that about?
Frye: Oh well, we were just out there trying to win, we were competing hard and sometimes there’s a little bit of emotion that comes out, it happens sometimes. I’ve actually flagrant fouled Richard Jefferson before, and Andre, he moves around too much for me to get ahold of. But we know we’re all family, I sort of think of our relationship as a big brother/little brother thing.

PGU: We all saw you on “Sketch Pad,” a humorous web-series on YouTube. What was that like?
Frye: It was a lot of fun. They didn’t tell me anything about what they were going to do so it was a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs. It was really funny and I really like making funny videos like that.

PGU: We know you’re always giving back to the community, tell us about some of the events or charities you’re working with.
Frye: Well we have a Halloween party coming up to benefit the Frye Family Foundation, that will take place in Portland and benefit the community there. You can go to to check it out. We’re also working on Project Fryepads, which basically is a project that will give iPads to sick children at hospitals. If you go to you can learn more about all the stuff we do.

PGU: So you’re not a Portland Trail Blazer anymore, but you still have a connection to the city?
Frye: Yes, my wife and family are in Portland, as well as the in-laws, so I spend a lot of time there and I’ve been there working out as well, so I’m involved in giving back to the community.

PGU: This was the first time you got to see Nick Johnson, another Phoenix area player, what were your impressions of him?
Frye: He was great, he looked really good out there. He’s obviously a very talented player and I’m very excited to see him play, and really I’m excited to see the whole team play.

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