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PGU Interviews Philadelphia 76’er Andre Iguodala

October 24th, 2011 News No Comments caught up with Arizona great Andre Iguodala after the Red-Blue game.


Ace: here with the one and only, Andre Igoudala. Hey talk about the Red-Blue game man.

Andre Igoudala: The Red-Blue game was pretty good today. Gotta see some talent, um, got a lot of, a lot of players who are solid at the guard position, so really interested to see how the mix it up, um, how we use that to our advantage, see how teams adjust to it.

Ace: Who’s most intriguing from the team this year?

AI: Um, we got a lot of talent. You know, Kyle Fogg is a guy who I think will, you know, have a solid year. Um, not looked at as a superstar, but I think he’s solid, and, um, he’s really going to help the freshmen come along and, and taking kind of a leadership role as, as that guy on the team who’s going to show everybody how to do it, not really vocal, but shows it by, you know, the way he plays.

Ace: Who on the team is the most league ready right now?

AI: Um, league ready….that’s a tough, tough question. Um, some of the freshmen have potential, but, you know, potential can only get you so far, they still gotta put their work in. So, a couple freshman, they had a good day today but they got a lot of work to do.

Ace: You wanna name any names?

AI: The Johnson kid is good, Josiah’s good, but they still far away, still far a way’s away

Ace: What are you doing with your free time right now?

AI: Just working out

Ace: Any word on the lockout ending any time soon?

AI: No, when I know, y’all know.

Ace: Alright, I know you’re talking to DWill, what’s he telling you, cause I know you guys are boys.

AI: Uh, he’s just subtle. I’m basically just telling him to be patient, you know, he’s excited ‘cause it’s his first year in the league and don’t spend all your money. He hasn’t really had a chance to get paid yet, so told him stay hungry, you know, stay patient and be ready to go.

Ace: You have a chance to talk to Sean Miller over the weekend?

AI: Yeah, I talked to Sean a couple minutes yesterday about the team, the new guys, and what to look forward to and, uh, you know, we had a really good conversation.

Ace: What would you tell the team coming up? What do they need to work most on?

AI: Uh, the team, I think they really need to work on, just the team, build that camaraderie, continue to get comfortable with each other on the court, continue to implement the freshmen, and make sure their confident when they’re playing, and we gotta do a good job of setting screens, we got some big bodies and we gotta play well on people, hard

Ace: A lot of trade talk, do you hear any of that?

AI: Nah, No one gets traded in a lockout, so not worried about that.

Ace: Alright, so gonna be with the 76ers as far as you know?

AI: Uh, I’m unemployed right now so I’m actually not with anyone

Ace: Any chance of you going overseas if the lockout is indefinite?

AI: Uh, there’s a chance. You know, you gotta keep all your opportunities open and explore them.

Ace: What was the biggest thing about playing at the U of A? What’s the thing you talk about the most, that you tell people who might want to play at the U of A one day?

AI: I think it’s the tradition. You really got a pretty big city behind you. A lot of support, a lot of fans, you know it’s a tradition. So when you come here, you gotta put that work in, if you wanna be known as one of the greats, among the greats.

Ace: Ace here with PointGuardU. Thanks for talking to us man.

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