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PGU Catches Up With 2014 Stanley Johnson

September 19th, 2011 News No Comments


AK Murthy caught up with 2014 wing Stanley Johnson, who is a good friend of the site. Johnson talked about basketball, recruiting, and everything else.

PGU: How have you been? What have you been up to lately?
Johnson: I’ve been good. I’ve just been working hard on the court and getting ready for my season.

PGU: Who has been recruiting you the hardest?
Johnson: I would say UCLA and Arizona at the moment. But there are a lot of schools recruiting me hard and I’m open to all of them, I don’t have any leaders or anything like that.

PGU: What has Arizona been telling you?
Johnson: Well they basically just told me that they want me to come down and that I could be a major player for them. The coaches think I would be a really good fit. They came to one of my practices last week.

PGU: When’s the last time you talked to Sean Miller?
Johnson: I’m not exactly sure, but the last time we talked we talked about taking a visit. I think I’m going down there on the weekend of the 28th. The football team plays Washington that weekend.

PGU: How hard has Arizona recruited you?
Johnson: They’ve been really adamant about getting me to come there. They’re always talking to my coaches and sending me mail and stuff like that. I like that.

PGU: Tell us about UCLA.
Johnson: I like UCLA a lot too, it’s a great school. I visited there unofficially not too long ago.

PGU: What have you been working on the most this year?
Johnson: Just being strong inside and out and making my teammates better. Our goal is to win state and national championships.

PGU: Who else is on your team?
Johnson: Katin Reinhardt, Elijah Brown, Jordan Strawburry, to name a few. We’re going to be good.

PGU: How’s practice going?
Johnson: It’s been going well. We’ve been working hard to get ready for the season.

PGU: Who’s on your iPod right now?
Johnson: A couple guys are Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, and Lil Wayne.

PGU: What are your hobbies off the court?
Johnson: Normal stuff like hanging out with friends, going to the beach, watching movies.

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