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Pangos All-American Camp Recap

June 7th, 2011 News No Comments


By Erik Forstell

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Battle for the top player in the Class of 2012:

Shabazz Muhammad Shabazz is fun to watch, he can do it all. He gets to the rim at will, dunking ferociously and often. His shot is smooth and rarely misses. Shabazz has great handles and can blow by defenders as well. He has a great feel for the game and can pass, rebound, and defend very well also. He was clearly the best player at Pangos and is the front runner for #1 player in the 2012.

Andre Drummond The only other player in the class of 2012 that comes close to Shabazz is Andre Drummond. While he is less consistent, he can take over games. His athleticism is outstanding for a big man.

Isaiah Austin Not impressed with him. He’s a 7-footer, but plays like a guard. He seems to have attitude issues and his dad benched him on Saturday and he left the camp early. He has potential and I’m sure he can play a lot better than he did here.

Arizona (or potential Arizona) recruits:

Grant Jerrett, 2012 GJ had a great tourney. He didn’t get a bunch of touches because of the nature of these camps, but he did a lot when he got the ball. He’s fundamentally very sound. He has great post moves and has good positioning. GJ is superb at getting rebounds and blocks. He is a bit skinny because of his height, but once Chris Rounds gets more muscle on him, he’ll be an absolute beast. He can definitely play both the 4 and the 5. You guys are going to love his game when he gets to Arizona.

Eric Cooper Jr., 2013 He’s definitely playing better now than during high school as he recovers from injury. His athleticism, bounce, and conditioning are progressing back. EJ plays with a good basketball IQ and unlike many of the Pangos campers, plays unselfishly. His shoot is very smooth and his game reminds me of Jordin Mayes.

Aaron Gordon, 2013 Aaron Gordon is fun to watch, his athleticism is off the charts. He is unstoppable in the transition and produces many highlight dunks. He is also good at passing especially in the open court, and racked up quite a few assists. He’s got great bounce which helps out on the boards. AG is already a special player, but as he develops his jump shot and dribbling skills more he’ll be even more unstoppable.

Jabari Bird, 2013 After watching him play a lot lately, I already knew about his elite athleticism, but his handles really impressed me for a wing. He’s got a good shot and can beat his defenders of the dribble. He’s got a lot potential on the defensive side of the ball too.

Robert Upshaw, 2012 Robert is a true center and played very well at Pangos. Upshaw did a great job down low on both offense and defense. He was the only player I saw that was able to contain Drummond. He’s great at rebounding and getting blocks. He also has good post moves and has nice shooting touch. For a player his size, he’s got good range too. Upshaw is not very fast, but has good footwork down low and is great half-court player.

Anthony Bennett, 2012 Was co-mvp of the Pangos camp along with Shabazz and Drummond. He’s been blowing up lately and will likely be moving up the rankings. He’s got a strong body and uses it to his advantage with a good power game. He has has good finesse game and he can hit long range shots too. He’ll definitely be playing a bigger role at Findlay next year and someone to keep an eye on for sure.

Gabe York, 2012 Gabe played very well at Pangos and really stepped up when Zeke Austin was benched. He has great dribbling skills and is fantastic in the open court. York has good court vision and made a lot of great passes. His mixtapes don’t do him justice and has the ability to play the 1 or the 2.

Rosco Allen, 2012 Rosco came out and playing very aggressively. He attacked the rim a lot and showed off his improved driving skills. He has a good feel for the game and made many good passes. I really like RA’s hustle and determination. While he’s grown a lot and is looking more like a 4, he’s going to move back up the rankings and be a good player in college.

Allen averaged 17.5 points per game and was fifth overall in scoring. He was top 10 in nearly every statistical category, including #3 in three pointers made. While many scouts think Allen has outgrown the small forward spot, PGU believes that he is a wing and will be very successful at that spot. Dropping from the 20’s to the 70’s on was a complete joke and shows how much Evan Daniels, Brian Snow, and Josh Gershon know about evaluating basketball. We have seen Rosco play over 50 times and these three haven’t seen him play more than twice this past year. If you need more proof, Rosco made the Top 20 game at Pangos. I feel sorry for anyone who actually pays to read these guys opinions.

Xavier Rathan-Mayes, 2013/2014 Xavier does a little bit of everything. He has good dribbling skills and can really pass the rock. He’s headed to Findlay Prep for high school ball next year, continuing the school’s Canadian pipeline.

Stephen Domingo, 2013 He was the star of the first of the two all-star games. His stock is on the rise and someone in the PAC-12 needs to get this guy. While Arizona has a ton of options for 2013, especially on the wing, he’s interested in Arizona. He made most of his threes and scored 31 points in his final game.

Dominic Artis had a good camp. He’s small, but has great handles and a very good passer from the point guard spot. Somebody in the PAC-12 needs to go after him.

Chris Thomas, Brandon Ashley, Katin Reinhardt, the Robinson twins, and Isaac Hamilton did not attend the camp. I heard Mitch McGary was the star of the Under Armour Camp.

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