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Notes on Bejarano Transfer

April 24th, 2011 News No Comments

Many people had been hinting about this for a while. I have no doubt the coaching staff had decided on their plan of action long ago and that was fairly well known, but the transfer was not a certainty until Friday. If you read other sites, the idea that it was “well known for weeks” that DB would ask for his release on Friday is false. DB himself didn’t know Friday morning that he would be asking for his release later that day. That was a result of the way his final meeting with Miller unfolded. The release still needs to be signed, but there is no reason to expect that will be a problem.

The news wasn’t so much that there was a transfer (everybody knows we’re over the scholarship limit), but that DB asked for his release on Friday. I didn’t see any indication of that in previous reports, nor have I seen anyone confirm it since. Javier Morales does mention the “likely transfer” in this article.

Not that they didn’t try. Despite our request in the original piece for the family to not be contacted, many media outlets still called them on Easter looking for an interview. They all received a “no comment.”

As we’ve said, as long as DB was a Wildcat we wanted him to be treated as such. Out of respect for him and his family, we did not report this information immediately. I know they appreciate the support from Arizona fans. The decision to leave was bittersweet for them because they truly love the players, the fans, the school, and the city of Tucson. Understandably there are a lot of emotions in having to make a change after just one year.

DB has a lot of interest from Pac 10 schools, but he would have to sit out two years if he transferred in the conference, so that’s not a likely outcome. As was the case with DB’s original commitment, staying close to home is important, so he will likely look into programs like UNLV, SDSU, St. Mary’s, etc. Plenty of teams would love to have him, and a change of scenery should get his career back on track.

I posted a few weeks ago that DB was not afraid of competing for minutes. That is still true. His request for a release was not an admission of not being good enough, but rather an acceptance of the reality of the coaching staff’s plans for next year’s roster. I don’t believe there’s anything DB could have done in the next few months to see playing time next year.

Speculation is normal, but we felt writing DB off while he was legitimately trying to figure out his role in the program was disrespectful. Hence why our coverage unfolded the way it did.

Long time PGU members know the Bejarano interview last year was great for the site, and we have always been thankful to the Bejarano family. They are great people and have always treated us well. With a support system like DB has, his success is inevitable. It’s too bad it won’t be in a Wildcat uniform, but I know many Arizona fans will forever be DB fans as well. will follow DB’s career as he finds a new school and prepares to contribute the following season.


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