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No Matter the Seed, Arizona’s Season is a Success

March 9th, 2011 News No Comments

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By PGU Staff Writer AW Butler

When it’s all said and done, success will be defined by wins.

It’s black and white. Did you win or did you lose? It doesn’t matter if you were a one-man team, struggled to defend the post, had inconsistent guards, or played a weak schedule. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been to twenty-five consecutive tournaments or won the NCAA crown.

And it really doesn’t matter what seed you draw in the NCAA Tournament.

Your body of work is your body of work and if you did enough to get into the tournament, then kudos to you. To win it all is a different beast and if you’re going to win, well, you’d best do just that.

I won’t sit here and defend how the 2010-11 Pacific-10 Conference Champion Arizona Wildcats (fun to say, right?) will win the national title this year. And while I do believe there is a national title in Arizona’s future, the current debate is NCAA seeding and where this Wildcat team falls come the ever-anticipated Selection Sunday.

Most prognosticators have Arizona hovering around the 4 and 5 seed lines, with a chance to slip depending on their Pac-10 tourney performance and the fate of teams with similar resumes. The beauty of March Madness is that the utter ridiculousness of the national polls is eliminated. A group of ten ADs sit in a room and seed the 68 best college teams based on their laurels, and a team’s ranking in the polls never comes into consideration.

How does Arizona stack up? As of today they played the 57th toughest schedule, are ranked 18th in the RPI, have quality wins over UCLA and Washington, and won their regular season conference title. The numbers, quite frankly, are underwhelming.

But here’s what the Wildcats did do. They won 25 of 31 games. When they were supposed to win, they did. Outside of two hiccups at USC and OSU, this team demonstrated that they’re up for any challenge; and far more often than not, they’re going to beat you. They may not do it pretty and you may never get to rest comfortably in the back of your seat, but there’s no denying that this team has won.

Wherever these Cats wind up, they’ll bring their shoes and their shorts and their jersey and they’ll play. They’ll play tough and they’ll play to win because that’s what Sean Miller teams do. Exhibit A: his 2010-11 Wildcats.

The seed they receive won’t matter. The Wildcats were dealt their hand this year and they won with it. It didn’t matter if it was NC State (10th in the ACC) or Bethune-Cookman (MEAC champions). Their resume has nearly been written, printed on stationary, and submitted for review.

Miller said he came to Arizona to win National Championships. He will make his first NCAA Tournament as Arizona’s head coach on Sunday. After an obscenely short one year hiatus from bracketville, Arizona is back.

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