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Nick Johnson talks commitment with PointGuardU

August 18th, 2010 News No Comments

Nick Johnson is a Wildcat, talks commitment with PGU
Ace Thakore

A new, a new point guard.

PointGuardU is back. Celebrate, Wildcat fans.

Sean Miller was on his way to a concert with his family in Phoenix when he got the news from Archie that he should probably head back to Tucson.

Today, 6-foot-2, 175-pound 2011 Henderson (Nev.) guard Nick Johnson woke up knowing he would commit to Arizona.

“I felt something this morning and wanted to commit,” Johnson said. “So I thought we’d take a road trip to Tucson and surprise the coaching staff.”

“I really wanted to surprise the coaches”. Johnson told PGU. Johnson walked into the “meeting” and committed to the University of Arizona. asked Nick the obvious question: How does it feel to be a Wildcat?

“It feels great. I told my mom she has to get me a pair of UA socks for the Boost Mobile game.” Johnson said. “I feel like the weight is off my shoulders now that I’m a Wildcat. I talked to my dad today and he said he just wants me to go where I want to go. He said it was all my decision.”

Nick Johnson contacted Archie Miller earlier today and told him that his mother was in town on business and wanted to meet. Sean Miller was on his way to Phoenix and the Wildcat had to be let out of the bag so Sean could get off at the next exit and head back to Tucson.

Nick’s mother Michelle Johnson told PGU, “I think he knew it all along, he’s ready for the next level.”

Nick Johnson also plans on doing what he can to bring top talent into Arizona.

“Now I have to start recruiting,” Johnson said. “There’s a few targets. There’s my teammate, Josiah Turner, who I’m definitely going to talk to, and then there’s another one of my teammates, Brandon Ashley, who I’m also definitely going to talk to. I’m going to start recruiting for Arizona now.”

PGU will have more with Nick Johnson.

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