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Nic Wise Gearing Up for 2nd Pro Season

October 4th, 2011 News No Comments


Ace Thakore

Nic Wise has been a great friend to over the years, so we thought it would be a great time to give Arizona fans an update on how the former point guard is doing while he gets ready to start his second year of professional basketball in Europe.

Wise is residing in Le Havre, France for the basketball season, a place he’s not familiar with but one that he likes so far.

“It’s a small city but it’s nice. Paris is nice too,” Wise told PGU.

After playing in Germany last season, Wise was forced to learn a bit of the Deutsch. Now that he relocated to France, he must restart the process of mastering the local tongue.

“I’m trying to learn a little bit of French everyday,” he said. “I try to pick up bits here and there. A lot of people speak english though.”

Wise and his teammates on STB Le Havre are nearly at the end of their preseason camps, with regular season games looming large.

“We just played our last pre-season game and now it’s on to the real season,” he said, “The regular season is about 35 games plus playoffs so we’re all prepared for that.”

“Usually we have two-a-days, practice starts around 10:30 and then we go back at it at around 5,” he added. “When the season comes around we’ll only have one practice a day.”

Being so far away from his home country, Wise tries to keep in touch with as many of his friends and family as possible.

“I talk to all the guys on the team like Solomon (Hill) and Jordin (Mayes) a lot,” Wise said. “We talk about normal stuff, like the shoes they want to wear for games. They’re definitely excited to start the season. I also talk to Kyle Fogg about being a senior leader and I give him advice sometimes on how to lead the team. And I talk to D’ondre (Wise) all the time, of course.”

Wise also keeps in touch with a few former Wildcats as well.

“I’ve been keeping in touch with Derrick Williams and a couple other guys too. Chase (Budinger) and Jordan (Hill) are still guys I talk to a lot,” he said. “Sometimes it’s hard to stay in touch with people, that’s why Twitter is so great. It lets me keep in touch with all the guys on the team pretty much everyday even though they have school and basketball.

Wise has a little bit of company across the pond now, as former Wildcat Jamelle Horne is playing his first year of professional ball in Poland.

“I talk to Jamelle more now that he’s playing in Europe,” Wise said. “He’s still learning the tricks of the trade so we both support each other. I just told him to keep working hard and stay after it, and that he’s a pro now so this is his life. I think he’s going to do very well.”

Before we let Wise go we got his thoughts on the 2011-12 edition of the Wildcats.

“Personally I can’t wait to watch guard play,” he said. “Last year they focused on getting the ball inside to Derrick and letting him work on people. This year there is a lot more balance, especially at the guard postitions. They have a lot of athleticism and a lot of quickness, hopefully they’ll be running people off the court all year.”

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