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Kevin O’Neill in Drunken Altercation with Arizona Fans & Booster

March 11th, 2011 News No Comments

Written By ACE Thakore

Kevin O’Neill went on a drunken tirade along with his wife after beating Cal yesterday. In fact, he didn’t even change his suit and went straight to the JW Marriott lobby bar.

PointGuardU’s sources have indicated that USC head coach Kevin O’Neill and his wife were drunkenly escorted away from their hotel after getting into verbal and physical altercations with Arizona fans on Thursday night.

O’Neill and his wife were in a hotel lobby of the JW Marriott and visibly intoxicated when they exchanged words with a group of Arizona fans. O’Neill reportedly threatened the fan that USC was going to “beat the hell out of Arizona.” Words were exchanged and our sources say that O’Neill’s wife struck one of the Arizona fans. O’Neill and his wife were escorted out of the hotel, and Arizona fans were left wondering what just happened.

The fan was UA booster Paul Weitman and they ran into each other at the elevators. KO believes Weitman is responsible for his firing at the UA and obviously still holds a heavy grudge. Mind you Weitman is 70+ years old.

Apparently KO’s wife, Roberta, started the melee by roughing up Wetiman with one of her rings. KO then got involved and when hotel security intervened things got even uglier.

Chaos and confusion ensued. The craziness of what occurred led to a scuffle between O’Neill and Arizona fans.

We did not witness this event first hand, but our readers know that we never report unsubstantiated rumors. Our sources are extremely reliable. The picture below shows O’Neill in the same outfit he wore during the game, so obviously he went straight to the bar. Check out the picture from today’s game, which ended at 2 pm.

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Here is an official statementt from USC’s Athletic Director Pat Haden. broke the story.


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