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Kaleb Tarczewski discusses Arizona

August 6th, 2011 News No Comments


Ace Thakore was in attendance for Adidas Nations, and we caught up with Kaleb Tarczewski to discuss his college decision. Tarczewski had great things to say about Arizona and future Wildcat Gabe York, his Adidas Nations teammate.

Tarczewski has faced tough matchups all summer long. Not only has he gone against other top big men, but defenses have been intent on shutting him down.

“It’s been a long summer,” said Tarczewski. “Lots of double teams in the post, I had to learn how to play through that. I learned a lot about basketball this summer, I’ve only been playing for a few years. Coach (John) Carroll has done a great job coaching me so it’s been a good summer.”

It isn’t typical that a top New Hampshire player considers moving all the way to Arizona, but Tarczewski has no problem moving to the west coast.

“We played a lot of tournaments out west and I like it here,” Tarczewski said. “The decision that’s best for me in the long run is the one I’ll make, and if it happens to be out west that’s fine, it’ll be my home.”

Tarczewski’s recruitment has been grueling and the subject of immense speculation. Tarczewski is hoping to end the speculating sooner than later.

“I’d like to make the decision as soon as possible if I can,” said Tarczewski. “Hopefully before school starts on September 9th.”

Tarczewski is taking his time because he understands what a big decision choosing a college is.

“I want to be comfortable with the coaches and players and go to a place that maximizes my potential,” said Tarczewski. “You only get to go to college once and I want to have a good time and get better on and off the court.”

Tarczewski certainly thinks that could happen at Arizona.

“Arizona is a fun place, definitely different than New Hampshire,” said Tarczewski. “It’d be nice to change things up for a few years. They have great players on the team, and great coaches. Coach Miller is a great coach and I had a really good visit there.”

Gabe York has been doing his best to bring Tarczewski to Tucson. As teammates, York has had many chances to rave about Arizona.

“Me and Gabe York are good friends, he’s a great player,” said Tarczewski. “It would definitely be a big plus if I choose Arizona. He’s been very nice this weekend, hopefully he is always like that.”

While Arizona continues to impress, Tarczewski has not forgotten about Kansas. But just because he liked Kansas in the past doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best place for him moving forward.

“Kansas’ track record with bigs speaks for itself,” Tarczewski said. “It’s definitely a factor that Kansas has recruited me for two years and were one of the first big schools to offer me but it’s all going to come down to where I feel most comfortable at. ”

That comfort level starts at the top, with head coach Sean Miller.

“Coach Miller has told me all about the school and that he is devoted to his players,” said Tarczewski. “He’s just like us and that’s really important to me if I go that far from home. That’s what draws me to him.”

Anyone following the Kaleb Tarczewski recruitment should know that it’s a two horse race between Arizona and Kansas. Anything else you read is false. Tarczewski will make his decision in the next few weeks, and we suggest fans do not believe that Kansas is the favorite.

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