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Grant Jerrett Talks About Red-Blue Game

October 26th, 2011 News No Comments

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Pras Murthy

Even casual Arizona fans should be familiar with the name Grant Jerrett. Not only is he one of the best players in the class of 2012, he committed to play for the Wildcats last November. Jerrett was the first piece of Arizona’s highly rated 2012 class, choosing to be a Wildcat even before current player Angelo Chol. Committing (and staying firmly committed) that early has meant that Arizona fans have been able to follow Jerrett all year, from his recent state championship to his play on the AAU circuit with the Belmont Shore.

Jerrett has been talking to Arizona coaches and players for almost a year and has been to campus numerous times. So while many players were using their trip to the Red/Blue game to learn more about the program, Jerrett was using it to get a taste of college life.

“It’s hard to go back to high school after being in college for a weekend,” Jerrett told PGU. “The atmosphere at the football game and the scrimmage, the parties, the girls, I can’t wait to get to college.”

One of Jerrett’s favorite moments of the weekend (that he could share) was the streaker at the football game.

“I’m still laughing about that,” said Jerrett. “It was great to hang out with some of the guys from the (basketball) team, to get to see how the other sports teams support the football program. And of course after we got to hang out with some of the guys.”

It’s no secret that Jerrett, Gabe York, and Brandon Ashley are all close friends. When Arizona added York to Jerrett’s commitment, many felt that would be too much for Ashley to miss out on, much like how adding Nick Johnson led to landing Josiah Turner. After the Red/Blue game, the hope is that same effect will lead to Kaleb Tarczewski choosing Arizona.

“We (all four 2012 recruits) all hung out together and laughed a lot,” Jerrett explained. “We were together most of the weekend and got to relax. Usually when we see each other we’re competing on the court. Since we didn’t have to worry about playing, we could all really be ourselves and enjoy our time together.”

Having a good time didn’t stop the current commits from recruiting Tarczewski.

“We definitely talked about how much we want him to join us,” said Jerrett. “We think we can bring something special to Arizona, and we want him to be a part of it. We all had fun, but we also brought up him coming to Arizona any time we could.”

One of the biggest differences between this visit and Jerrett’s trips to the campus over the summer is that school was in full swing. The campus was buzzing about basketball, and students were everywhere.

“We really got to see the campus and the college lifestyle,” said Jerrett. “People always talk about the girls and they are right. It was amazing.”

Jerrett spoke with the coaches, but after a year of talking to them regularly, there wasn’t much they needed to say.

“Like always, they told me how excited they are for me to get to campus,” said Jerrett. “And they were able to show us the whole school.”

The list of NBA players in attendance at the Red-Blue game was impressive. While the recruits certainly noticed, they didn’t get to interact with them like fans did.

“We couldn’t talk to the pros because of NCAA rules,” said Jerrett. “But it was crazy to see so many players in one place. I know me, York, Ashley, and the current team feel like family. But seeing that you could tell just how much of a family Arizona basketball really is.”

While Jerrett is now ready to focus on his final high school season (and repeat as state champions), he’ll be keeping a close eye on the team.

“They really impressed me,” said Jerrett. “The season has barely started and they looked pretty good. I could tell how much work you have to put in at the next level. I’ll be watching them all season, and I’m excited to see if they can back to the Elite 8 and beyond.” would like to sincerely thank Grant Jerrett for always taking the time to chat with us. Despite doing countless interviews over the last year, Jerrett never hesitates to update his fans, even when he’s busy. Jerrett is a great player, but an even better person, and will be a fan favorite from day one.

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