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Gordon, Hollis-Jefferson Reminiscent of Classic Duo

March 11th, 2014 News No Comments

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Ivy Hunt-Ashram

Aaron Gordon and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, two of Arizona’s most impactful freshmen in recent years, were both honored yesterday when the annual conference awards were handed out. Gordon was named Pac-12 Freshman of the Year, while Hollis-Jefferson was also named to the Pac-12 All-Freshman Team.

It can’t be understated how valuable each of these two freshmen have been to Arizona’s historic success this season. It’s a scary thought to imagine where the Wildcats would be without either of their young stars, especially considering Brandon Ashley’s season ending injury.

Maybe the best comparison is to the 2002-03 team, who dominated their way to a 28-4 record, and also featured a pair of impact freshmen. Andre Iguodala and Hassan Adams, who both etched their names in the record books during their Arizona careers, provide an interesting analog to what Gordon and Hollis-Jefferson have brought to this year’s Wildcats.

Of course, each pair of freshmen made waves with their phenomenal athleticism. Adams and Iguodala rocked McKale’s rims in their first year, and Gordon and Hollis-Jefferson have punished the rims with equal verve in 2013-14.

But the comparison goes further. Iguodala and Adams were both defensive stalwarts that could guard multiple positions, block and alter shots, and routinely steal the ball from opponents.

Just like Gordon and Hollis-Jefferson.

Iguodala and Adams were both high energy players, whose presence and electric play elevated the play of their teammates while pumping up the crowd.

Just like Gordon and Hollis-Jefferson.

Iguodala and Adams both attacked the basket with reckless abandon, while showing slick passing and crafty moves inside.

Just like Gordon and Hollis-Jefferson.

The comparison is almost too perfect. Watch the video below and tell me that even their personalities aren’t alike. It’s crazy.

If there’s one way that Gordon and Hollis-Jefferson are distinct from their high flying predecessors, it’s that they’ve stepped into larger roles as freshmen than either Iguodala or Adams did. And it’s for that reason why their ceilings might ultimately be higher.

As Arizona eyes a National Championship run, that’s got to be an exciting thought.

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