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Gabe York Pangos All American Interview

June 10th, 2011 News No Comments


Ace: here with Gabe York. Describe the Pangos camp
Gabe York: Uh, well I mean, last year when I was here it was really great competition. I mean, it’s always been great. I just got here today, so hopefully I’m gonna come out and work hard and play with my teammates.

Ace: Where were you before this?
GY: Uh, I was with my high school team playing at Katella High School. I’m playing point guard for them, so I can get the flow of things going. So that’s why I had to commit to that first.

Ace: How’s recruiting going the last two weeks?
GY: Uh, going really well. I brought the list down to ten so I had to tell the other schools, um, that were recruiting me, that, thank you so much, but, uh, it’s time for me to move on now. So, it’s just down to ten and that’s what it is.

Ace: So one of those schools is Arizona right?
GY: Yeah, most definitely, yeah

Ace: Ok cool. What about Arizona is appealing to you?
GY: Um, I mean, just the area. I’ve been there about 9 or 10 times with the Compton Magic and uh, it’s really great. It’s hot, but that’s definitely not a problem for me. I talk to Sean Miller and he’s a really great guy and if you look at all the stats and everything, they’re one of the fastest, uptempo teams, uh, one of the most fast in college. So, that’s really what I’m looking for, to get up and down the court and just run.

Ace: When’s the last time you talked to Arizona?
GY: Uh, yesterday actually. They called me and then um, uh, I’m gonna call Sean Miller back today or tomorrow, he told me to call him back so

Ace: So it’s getting pretty serious?
GY: Yeah definitely

Ace: Right on. Hey thanks for talking to Coast2CoastHoops
GY: Thank you

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