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Elliott Pitts Drawing Attention

June 9th, 2012 News No Comments

Ezra Amacher

Elliott Pitts is becoming one of the more sought-after west coast recruits in the 2013 class after an impressive junior season. He was also a part of the Pangos All-American Camp where he held his own against tough competition.

The shooting guard quickly noticed the difference between Pangos and his high school competition. “There is a lot of great competition here. It really gives you a reality check,” said Pitts. “We play some of the kids where I’m from and they aren’t as good as these guys. If you are doing well here, then you are doing really well.”

At 6’5, 190 pounds, he is the perfect size to play the two in college and has a good idea of what he can do on the court and what he needs to work on.

“I think my shooting has really improved. Last year, I averaged about 17 or 18 points but my three point shot has gotten a lot better so that’s really helped my game out a lot,” said Pitts.

On what is his biggest weakness, “I think I need to improve on my leadership skills some more because on my AAU and high school teams, they are really looking for me to lead a lot. I just need to be more vocal.”

The player who Pitts most likes to compare himself to is Kevin Durant. “There aren’t really a lot of flaws in his game so obviously I’m going to want to model my game after him.”

The Bay Area product is receiving interest from much of the Pac-12, with Arizona State and Cal coming at him the hardest. However, Arizona and Washington have both “stepped it up” lately.

The Bears have a lot to offer him that other schools can’t match. “Obviously it is close to home, its right in my backyard,” said Pitts. “I know a lot of the coaching staff, really great guys.”

Like many recruits, Pitts knows what he wants in a school. “I think really high up there is how much I like the staff and the head coach. I don’t want to go to a school and not like their head coach because that would put me in a tough position.”

At this point, there is no time table for when he will make the decision to commit. He will be playing his final summer of AAU ball with the Bay Area Hoosiers.

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