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Catching up with 2012 Power Forward Grant Jerrett

September 8th, 2011 News No Comments


Arizona commit and one of the top power forwards in the 2012 class, Grant Jerrett catches up with

Kellie Watson: This is Kellie Watson with Coast2CoastHoops here with Grant Jerrett in Venice Beach. Grant, tell me about the event today.
Grant Jerrett: You know it was fun. You come out here and play with your friends from across the country and you just enjoy yourself and that’s what we did.

KW: How does it compare to the other events you’ve done?
GJ: Um, probably cause this one’s on ESPN, and it’s a lot bigger, uh, it packs more people and it’s on Venice Beach, in California, my hometown.

KW: Now, what were some of the best parts of the day, what do you think were some of the pointers?
GJ: Um, you know how they have a dunk contest and, uh, the skills challenge. Um, you know, it’s basically like an original All-Star game, like NBA All-Stars, so um, it, it’s just a great experience.

KW: Now you just recently met Derrick Williams, how’s that?
GJ: Um, actually I met Derrick when he was a freshman and um, you know we just talked, talked about school and stuff like that and, um, you know, it’s good to talk to him.

KW: Now tell me about playing with Midnight Run
GJ: OH, that, that was a good experience, got to play against, uh, Kemba, and, uh, I guarded, uh, Derrick, Derrick. So, uh, you know, it was fun to play against him.

KW: Is there anything specific you’re working on right now with your game?
GJ: Um, getting stronger and, uh, having a better mindset and being aggressive.

KW: What NBA players do you look up to?
GJ: Um, you know, I don’t really look up to NBA players, like, I, I watch it and I watch film and I, um, take their moves and stuff like that, study it, so there’s not a particular player that I watch after so…

KW: This is Kellie Watson with Coast2CoastHoops.

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