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Brandon Ashley Talks to Point Guard U

July 28th, 2011 News No Comments

PointguardU caught up with Oakland Soldiers Brandon Ashley in this interview. We want to thank Brandon for always taking the time for these interviews and doing most of the work for us. We try to add some solid editing and in the end we just want to promote him and give his fans the coverage they desire.

Pras: Alright Pras here with Coast2CoastHoops and and like we always do, we were watching Brandon Ashley and the Oakland Soldiers. Alright, but before we get to you, tell me about Dominic Artis. He was getting the crowd going there.
Brandon Ashley: Oh man, when he came out he was into it, some crossovers, breaking ankles, hitting 3’s, he was doing it all out there.

Pras: Alright, now we saw you in Peach Jam, so we’ve asked you a lot of the same questions. But since then, you’ve put out a Top 7. This was kind of a big deal, ‘cause, you keep your recruitment pretty close to the vest. So we’ll start at the beginning. The biggest surprise I thought was Georgia Tech. So tell people who might not have seen that coming what you like about them.
BA: Um, I mean I like the new coaching staff and everything. And I mean, I’ve always liked Georgia. Um, it’s a beautiful area, nice weather, um, and it’s cool, has a lot of tradition behind it and it’s a good school too.

Pras: And you could see yourself going that far away from home for college?
BA: Yeah, yeah, definitely possibility.

Pras: So along those same lines, Syracuse, they’re in the Coast2Coast network. We didn’t know you were really considering them that strongly. Tell us a little something about Syracuse.
BA: I’ve always liked their team. Um, great defensive team, great coach, um and they get players to the league. And, one of my, one of my favorite players went to Syracuse, Carmelo Anthony, so I mean, that kind of helps it out a little.

Pras: You’ve looked up to him since you were little, you watched his run in the tournament?
BA: Yup

Pras: Alright, now, the school that every Arizona fan’s worried about is Kentucky. We see Coach Cal coming around. So tell us a little about the Kentucky Wildcats. We saw [former Soldier and Kentucky commit] Kyle [Wiltjer] here, sitting on the bench.
BA: Yeah, I mean, Kentucky’s just always gonna be one of those schools that, uh, a lot of top players are going to consider. Um, I mean, they get players out. I think that’s a main goal for a lot of us players in high school, right now, to get to the league to support our families and all that. So, I mean, Kentucky’s gonna be up there but, I mean, I’m not gonna say they’re any higher than any other school.

Pras: Sure. And Oregon coming strong. Dana Altman’s everywhere. [former Soldier and Oregon commit] Jabari [Brown] must be in your ear. Tell us something about Oregon, I think nationally people don’t really give them the respect they deserve.
BA: You know, I think that’s kind of a thing that kind of attracts me to them. I mean, definitely have a great team, they have a good team. But we’re working, they’re working on getting better. So I mean, for me to come in and maybe even help us get to a national title, that would be big. But I mean, once again, I can’t really put them ahead of anybody else.

Pras: We know you’re not going to name a leader, that’s alright. SO UCLA, California school, gotta give them a little bit of love. So what are you thinking about Coach Howland? They’ve had a couple of rough years?
BA: They’ve had a couple of rough years. But, I mean, it can always change, with, when you get, uh, a good recruiting class and everything. Um, close to home, beautiful weather.

Pras: Now you probably know by now Arizona fans are pretty crazy. You know we follow you around everywhere. You’re going to Findlay, it’s only gonna get worse for you. So why don’t we calm the Arizona fans down a little bit. What would you say to Arizona fans that are freaking out right now? Just relax and wait?
BA: Relax and wait, that’s all I can say. Um, I mean, you’re up there. That’s all I can really say.

Pras: Just enjoy the ride and watch the Soldiers win it all?
BA: [nods]

Pras: Alright, now, like last year, you guys came up just short at Peach Jam and then you came here and you won this thing. Lot more competititon now, you play Belmont Shore tomorrow. So what are you looking forward to playing against Grant Jerrett?
BA: Um, I mean, great match-up like always. Played him a lot. Um, Arizona guy right there. I mean, it’s always fun playing against him. Great player, skilled man, he’s a cool dude too.

Pras: Now I just talked to him before this game. He was looking forward to playing you. He said now that he’s 6’10”, you’re a midget. That’s an exact quote. So I just wanted you to know that before you play him.
BA: I’ll be a midget and still give him buckets though so it’s all good.

Pras: Alright, last but not least. Josiah, Nick, they’re in Tucson. What are they telling you about Tucson?
BA: They’re saying it’s nice out there and it’s uh, it would be a good move for me to come but I don’t know yet.

Pras: They complaining about the heat at all?
BA: They haven’t said anything to me about the heat yet.

Pras: Alright thanks for talking to us like always. Good luck tomorrow.

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