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Brandon Ashley at Peach Jam Interview

July 18th, 2011 News No Comments

Brandon Ashley of the Oakland Soldiers at the Nike Peach Jam in North Augusta, South Carolina.

Ace: here with Brandon Ashley. Just scored 24, opening game of Peach Jam. Describe your game.
Brandon Ashley: Um, honestly I really don’t think I had that great of a game. I just came in and did what I had to do to get this win, basically. Um, dove for loose balls, tried to hit the boards as hard as I could, and defended my players as best as I could.

Ace: What was up with all the fouls? You were on the line a lot.
BA: Oh, um, just attacking the hoop, going strong and, uh, basically just trying to dunk everything or at least finish over the rim.

Ace: You pay attention to any of the coaches watching?
BA: Um, I try not to. Um, sometimes it can add a little bit of pressure to your game, um, make you think about stuff, or, or over think it. So, really just try and focus on the game and focus on winning.

Ace: We’re updating the game live on PointGuardU and noticed that you and Isaac really have good chemistry out there. Where’d that come from?
BA: Um, just playing together, through, through LA, and, uh, especially through the circuit. You know, uh, we just had a couple of practices, um, that we normally don’t have and I think that really helped us fine tune.

Ace: Describe some of the other players’ games.
BA: Um, Aaron Gordon, one of the athletic, most athletic players in the EYBL and in the country. Um, had a pretty good game. Um, a couple of dunks, a nice little handle and everything. Um, Dominic Artis came out and he really got us started, um, hit about five 3’s in the first half and that really just got us going for the rest of the game along with Langston and honestly the whole entire team.

Ace: We just talked about Dominic coming to Findlay. How’d that come about?
BA: Um, just great team chemistry, me and him. Um, been playing together since about 8th grade and, uh, just bonded really well. So, he wanted to get that exposure, or get that top, top competition, the whole entire school year and he’s coming.

Ace: Who’s been calling you the most lately, as far as school?
BA: Um, honestly I haven’t gotten any phone calls in awhile just due to how busy I’ve been with LeBron and, and Skills and all these other camps and everything. But, um, I can’t really say I’ve had too many calls.

Ace: We saw you up at the (Amare Stoudemire Nike) Skills camp and you played really well there.
BA: thank you

Ace: Describe LeBron. How was that?
BA: LeBron was, was fun. Um, got to work on, got to work on my game a lot there. Um, worked on my outside game and my handles and my, uh, attacking the rim and everything.

Ace: A lot of people say you worked way into a Top 10 player. You agree with that?
BA: I’d agree with that, yeah.

Ace: Right on man. Thanks for talking to PointGuardU as always.

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