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Brandon Ashley Amare Stoudemire Camp Interview

July 4th, 2011 News No Comments

Brandon Ashley updates his fans from the Amare Stoudemire Skills Academy in this interview. PGU was the only Arizona media in Chicago.

Ace: here with Brandon Ashley. Describe the camp and how it’s been going.
Brandon Ashley: Uh, camp’s been going good. Um, a lot of competition, learned a lot from these, these pro guys, and, uh, expos and all these coaches and everything. It’s been a great experience.

Ace: For every scrimmage, you were teamed up with Grant Jerrett. The best frontcourt I’ve seen. Talk about playing with him.
BA: Um, I mean, well we kind of have a similar game style. You know, got that face up game, can hit the mid-range jumper. Um, real skilled bigs, so, I mean, playing with him is definitely a lot of fun.

Ace: Could you see yourself playing with him in the future?
BA: Um, it’s a possibility.

Ace: You said recently Arizona and Oregon are coming at you the hardest.
BA: Um, yeah, they’re the two schools that are pretty close to home. And, uh, they’re just contacting me the most, sending the most emails, the most mail, calling every chance that they can, you know, once a month and uh, really coming after me as hard as they can.

Ace: What are some things that interest you about those schools?
BA: Um, coaching staff. Um, there’s players on their team that I know and it’s just the way that the come after me and the way that they recruit me over anybody else, I guess.

Ace: Is the timeline on your decision still the end of the summer?
BA: I’m thinking so, yeah.

Ace: What was the biggest thing you learned at this camp?
BA: Biggest thing I learned…basically was just to focus more on me and what I can control, rather than the whole entire game and everything. So, play as hard as I can and do as much as I can, and just focus on that.

Ace: What’s your next event? Peach Jam?
BA: Um, no, got LeBron’s camp in probably about 10 days.

Ace: What are you gonna do down in Peach Jam? You gonna win it?
BA: Oh yeah, definitely, you already know that.

Ace: You think you can take Team Takeover?
BA: I think so. I mean, first time, we coulda got ‘em. It was a close game, great game, great team, but, uh, we comin for ‘em.

Ace: You recently just transferred to Findlay Prep.
BA: Yeah.

Ace: Why was that?
BA: Um, has nothing to do with my school, or my old school anyways or my old coaching staff or my old teammates. It’s just me trying to get ready for college and the next level after that. So, me trying to prepare myself as best as I can and I think that going to Findlay is going to be a better decision for rather than staying home.

Ace: You know we’re based in Vegas so now you’re not going to be able to get rid of us
BA: [laughs] It’s all good.

Ace: Alright. Hey thanks for talking to PointGuardU.

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