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Arizona hosts Nick Johnson and Josiah Turner

September 17th, 2010 News No Comments

Ace Thakore

The Soldiers have landed. Oakland Soldiers teammates Nick Johnson and Josiah Turner landed in Tucson today around 5pm and headed to the University Of Arizona campus to meet the staff and watch Momo, Parrom, Hill and Williams in drills. Momo Jones is hosting the visit in what is, without question, the most anticapted arrival of a recruit on the Arizona campus in years. Both recruits are in town with their mothers and they will have dinner at Miller’s house with the team. From there the two will go out with certain players from the team.

Tomorrow Johnson and Turner will tour the campus, facilities and meet with UA staff and fans before they attend the sold out football matchup with Iowa. This is what Arizona wanted. The chance to show Turner one of the most sublime college atmospheres in all of college sports and a campus that never leaves the memory of anyone who has visited.

Arizona is Point Guard U. That will never change. Arizona puts guards in the NBA. That will never change. It’s been said NBA stands for Nothing But Arizona. However, with the new regime we can also expect many more big guys in the league for years to come.

Turner is one of the most skilled ball handlers in the class of 2011 and can break down any defender with ease on his way to the paint. Turner and Johnson formed one of the most deadly backcourts AAU ball has ever seen. No one runs two 6’3 combo guards with as much raw talent as these two players possess. No one. When you put them together you leave opposing defenses with an impossible choice. It undoubtedly helped both players in terms of foul trouble, scoring off the ball and most importantly future success. That’s why Arizona wants these two playing in the same backcourt. It’s the evolution of the game. Both players also reached all-time highs in terms of performance and class ranking. It was likely no coincidence.

Momo Jones cannot be given enough credit in his pursuit to bring top players to the desert even if it’s at his position. While most inferior minded players couldn’t handle the task he is thriving on it realizing great teams must have great players. And that team must have a true leader that wants to win a national championship. That’s Momo Jones. A natural born killer. A natural born leader. A natural born recruiter.

The addition of Turner would give Arizona one of the best classes in the program’s history as hard as that is to believe.

Wait until the weekend is over. We believe there could be some very big news. Even if Josiah says Nick is ugly. Check the PGU video.

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