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Arizona Commit Craig Victor Ready to Make Impact

April 2nd, 2014 News No Comments

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Brandon Duenas

Point Guard U caught up with class of 2014 Wildcat commit Craig Victor to see how he’s doing in his senior season at Findlay Prep and to talk some Arizona basketball with him.

Victor, one of the top prospects in the country, committed to Arizona in August of 2013 and has played extremely well at Findlay Prep during his senior season.

He is averaging 13.5 ppg, 8.6 rpg, 1.9 apg and 1.0 bpg in 34 games played leading his team to an impressive 30-4 record. Keep in mind these numbers are on one of the best high school teams in the nation.

Victor has been able to watch almost every Arizona game and keeps up with the team as much as he possibly can. He is in constant contact with the coaches and talks to them more frequently now than he did before he committed. Coach Book is all over him constantly and of course Damon and Pasternack are in touch as well.

On how Brandon Ashley returning will impact him

“I think I’ll be able to benefit quite a bit having him (Ashley) around next year and can’t wait to learn from him and practice with him every day.“

He said, “Ashley is a great player and would’ve been a first round pick if not for his injury, so it will be nice to have someone like him to play with and against (in practice) during my freshman year.”

On which NBA player he models his game after

Victor said he doesn’t emulate his game after any particular NBA player, but he picks certain parts out of multiple players’ game.

He studies Carmelo Anthony’s footwork “like crazy”, tries to model David West’s toughness, and watches LeBron’s ball handling since they are of similar builds (6’9″, 230).

Speaking of his build, Victor said he was a little surprised when he saw that he was still listed at 6’7”, 200 lbs.

“Those measurements are from my freshman year, it’s more like 6’9”, 230 lbs. now and still adding muscle,” said Victor.

On the incoming recruiting class

“There are a lot of hungry guys. Put us together with the talent that will be returning next year and we are going to be a scary team. We will be a title contender for sure,” he said.

Victor thinks the incoming recruiting class could be the best in the country next year. With Stanley Johnson, Parker Jackson-Cartwright, Kadeem Allen and Dusan Ristic joining him, there will be a lot of new talent coming to Tucson next season.

On what he will bring to the team next year

“I’ll bring toughness, maturity, the mentality of a warrior, and good personality,” he said.

Craig made sure to repeat the word warrior multiple times because he said that his “New Orleans toughness” is going to be what he wants to be known for the most during his career at Arizona.

On what he will work on the most this offseason

“I want to work on expanding the range on my jumper and improve my ball handling skills the most this summer. I feel like I’ve really completed my game during my senior season at Findlay Prep,” he said.

Why he committed to Arizona

“Arizona is a family from the fans to the professors and media staff all the way down to the athletes. Coach Miller is a future hall of fame coach and he is very energetic. With him being so young I knew he’d be there for many years to come so that made the choice easier. The rich basketball tradition at UofA certainly helped as well.”

Victor is a versatile player that can spread the floor with his deadly mid-range jumper, has the ability to bang down low and can even create for others.

Not only did Arizona land a great player, but they landed a great person as well.

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