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Arizona Basketball Summer Roster Report

July 21st, 2011 News No Comments

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Ace Thakore

The entire Arizona Basketball team is on campus and Point Guard U has your only summer roster report from Tucson. Here is what we have learned first hand from their short time on the court together.

Josiah Turner already seems to be a great point guard. He’s smart, has a great handle, sees the open floor well and makes his teammates better. He’s your typical Arizona point guard that loves to push the tempo.

Right now, the biggest area that needs improvement is his shooting form. His release is a bit slow, but he is doing a lot of shooting drills.

I think Nick Johnson may be the best freshman in terms of being ready for the college level. He’s been on campus the longest working with Chris Rounds, not to mention the fact that playing for Findlay Prep gets kids more prepared for the collegiate level than just about any high school program in the country.

Nick is strong and physical, and he has the mentality of Jerryd Bayless. They have different on court demeanors, but their mentality scoring the ball is very similar. Though depth at the shooting guard position may not allow him to start, he may have the biggest impact of out of the freshmen.

Nick and Josiah are both in great shape for incoming freshmen. Josiah just got medically cleared last weekend so he hasn’t had as much time with Chris Rounds, but Rounds is really going to make them much better physically.

Angelo Chol has been a hard worker. He doesn’t care about scoring right now, he just gets all the rebounds, blocks, and plays good defense. He’s kind of similar to a longer, taller Jesse Perry. With time to develop, he’ll be really good.

Sidiki Johnson is still a bit raw and it’s not certain which position he’ll play, but he’s a tough minded player who has a New York attitude. And he’s always asking questions about how to get better and what to do, so eventually he’ll be able to put it all together. Right now he needs to work on his skill set and trying to get faster and more athletic.

As a whole, the freshman class is in good shape physically. They’re doing conditioning every day, whether it be bike, or treadmill, or playing pickup games.

Kyle Fogg has been on a mission. He’s been in the gym everyday, working out 3 times a day sometimes, especially on days he doesn’t have to. He’s been putting in a lot of extra work. He’s really stepped up being the leader for all the young guys in terms of setting a good example. Fogg along with Solomon Hill should be the leading scorers on the team. Look for Nick Johnson to be one of the higher scorers on the team as well.

Brendon Lavender is probably the best shooter on the team again. He’s got a great stroke the only thing about him is his confidence. When his confidence is high he can score with the best of them, and he’s very athletic, he’s been throwing down lobs in pick up games. As long as Lav keeps his confidence up, he will see playing time.

Solomon’s been working really hard too. He’s been doing a lot of stair master to keep his weight down and stay in good shape, and he’s working a lot on his shot right now which is definitely one area he needs to improve. His athleticism is going up too, that’s one thing Chris Rounds does really well. Rounds really gets guys’ legs stronger and improves their lateral quickness and jumping.

Kevin Parrom rejoined the team last week after going home to attend a funeral. He’s the best defender on the team, he plays unselfishly, and he can shoot the ball. He’s one of the biggest morale guys in the locker room and he’s just the kind of guy you need on a team.

Kyryl Natyazhko came back from Ukraine a little out of shape, Sean Miller won’t let him play pickup games until he loses 15 more lbs. He was about 300 lbs when he came back, but he’s looked good in individual workouts.

Jesse Perry is a laid back guy but he works really hard on the court. We already know he can rebound, make hustle plays, and play defense, and he just needs to work on his jump shot and becoming more consistent and comfortable with the shots he’ll be getting in Miller’s system. Just like the other guys who have been in Tucson all summer, he’s been doing cardio three times a week so he’s definitely in shape.

Alex Jacobson has improved significantly and should be a part of Arizona’s front court all season long. He’s gotten more athletic and is knocking his mid range jumper down. He’s also working on his hook and post moves so he should get a lot of playing time this year.

Jordin Mayes’ foot injury has had him in a boot for awhile and he is shut down until about mid August.

Arizona is going to be very uptempo this year with the guards they have, they’ll be like some of the more traditional Arizona teams in that all the guards are fast and can score the ball like in the Lute Olson days. The guard play is going to be very fun to watch.

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