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Arizona Basketball Recruiting Update

June 20th, 2011 News No Comments

**Update** The former coaching staff at Westwind Prep has informed PGU that they will be starting La Jolla Prep in San Diego immediately. Further, they also told PGU that Chris Thomas will be transferring to La Jolla Prep with them.

Ace Thakore

Arizona will be taking 3-4 players in the 2012 class as it stands right now. They would ideally like to get a 3, two 4’s and a true 5. As of today Arizona’s ideal 2012 recruiting class would be Brandon Ashley, Shabazz Muhammad, Kaleb Tarczewski and Grant Jerrett.

Chris Thomas – I’ve been reading several things on Wildcat Authority that simply aren’t true and the main fabrication I’m reading are character issues regarding Chris Thomas. Nothing new has arisen regarding Chris’ character so let’s stop those rumors right now. Chris has some work to do academically but that’s for him to work on and not for fans to worry about. Chances are if your reading a recruiting report in June you also have some things of your own to work on. Arizona would accept a commitment from Thomas without reservation and would be downright upset and bewildered if he chose any school besides Arizona. Nothing has changed with Chris Thomas and Arizona is the clear leader to land him.

Kaleb Tarczewski – Kaleb starts his unoffical visit to Arizona today and this will be his first time on campus. Unfortunately for Arizona fans he has visited the University of Kansas campus 4 times to date. Kansas is the leader to land Kaleb and it will be up to the Arizona staff to convey that the two programs are going in different directions. Arizona is looking at the best talent in the nation and not interested in taking unrated junior college transfers like KU. Arizona is in second place in this recruitment and hopes to close that gap today and tomorrow.

Brandon Ashley – Arizona has done everything right in this recruitment and in my opinion is the leader at the current time. While Ashley has given no indication of this and keeps his recruitment close to the vest I do believe Arizona is the leader from talking to several sources. Credit Sean Miller with taking the personal time to handle this recruitment himself. Ashley is the #1 target for the 2012 class.

Shabazz Muhammad – It’s still believed that UCLA is the team to beat for Shabazz and that shouldn’t be news to anyone. However, Arizona wouldn’t be pursuing Bazz if they thought he was a 100% lock to be a Bruin. I’ve gotten to know Shabazz and his father Ron Holmes pretty well over the last few years and I’ve always been impressed with the way Bazz handles himself on and off the court. He’s the consummate gentlemen when approached for interviews and that stems from having a great father.

I watched every single one of Bazz’s home and away games in Las Vegas last season and he has a huge target on his back when he enters a visiting gym. Local Vegas scrubs hack the bleep out of him and he gets frustrated as he should. I’ve never seen him overreact to the unnecessary contact that somehow the refs don’t see. However, it happens and it happens often. He maintains his poise but doesn’t sit back and take it either.

Mitch McGary – Arizona wants to get Mitch McGary on campus for an unofficial visit this summer. At this point McGary is completely wide open but the general feeling is that if Arizona could get McGary on campus he would leave as Arizona being a slight favorite.

Gabe York – York will be visiting Arizona on June 29, about a week after he visits Marquette and Notre Dame. York intends to take his time with his recruitment so there is plenty of time for Arizona to position itself. I do know that if York wanted to commit to Arizona today that the staff would accept his commitment.

Katin Reinhardt – Katin will be visiting Arizona this summer (likely July) and he definitely has Arizona high atop his list. He continues to impress with his consistent play and three point shot. Like York the staff would accept a commitment from Reinhardt if he were to choose Arizona in the near future.

It may seem like I’m contradicting myself since I said Arizona is looking for a 3, two 4’s and a 5 in this class but would still accept commitments from York and Reinhardt. The reason being while it’s presumed the new collective bargaining agreement in the NBA would force players to stay two years it hasn’t actually happened yet.

The Arizona staff wants to be prepared for any situation that presents itself. One possible scenario is that Josiah Turner has a stellar freshman year and becomes Pac-12 freshman of the year and bolts to the NBA. No one is saying that’s a likely scenario but the staff wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they weren’t prepared for it. And with Fogg and Lavender gone after this season Arizona doesn’t want to find itself short on capable guards. Thus they would likely take a commitment from York or Reinhardt.

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