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Arizona Basketball Practice Notes

November 7th, 2011 News No Comments

Ace Thakore

Here are our notes from this weekend’s practice.

Nick was wearing the gold jersey which means he was the practice player of the week.

KP was practicing, but he did not play in any contact drills. He just ran through offensive sets and shot with the team. He’s lost some of his explosiveness, but that’s understandable.

Here’s a rough depth chart that we came up with after watching the offensive sets:

PG: Josiah – Jordin – Lav – Dondre
SG: Kyle – Nick – Jordin – Lav
SF: Solo – Lav – Kyle – KP
PF: Jesse – Solo – KP
C: Kyryl – Angelo – Sidiki

Josiah’s jumper is coming along and his corner 3 looks very good and was going down frequently.

Sidiki lacks the mental focus to be really effective at this level at this stage of his career. But physically, he’s ready now. He has the potential to be a beast on the boards and in the paint. Hopefully he can develop.

Solomon is a stud. He has all of the tools. If he can translate what he does in practice onto the court, then he could be gone at the end of this year.

There is still no leader. Solo, Lav, Kyle, and Jesse are vocal, but they don’t lead. The coaches want KP to be more vocal. The freshmen didn’t say much at all.

The team didn’t scrimmage so this evaluation was based on sets and drills from this weekend’s practice.

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