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Allonzo Trier Could be Special Scorer

April 18th, 2015 News 1 Comment

Martin Hayvush

Of all the talented Findlay Prep players who have committed to Arizona, 6-3 Allonzo Trier might be the best scorer of them all. Considering that the school produced Wildcat stars like Brandon Ashley and Nick Johnson, that’s saying a lot.

Simply put, Trier can put the ball in the hoop. From anywhere. He’s an aggressive driver who sets up his jumpshot by first slashing and putting the defense on their heels.

At the high school level, there’s very few defenders that can stop him. And when Trier is keyed in, he’s basically unstoppable with his ability to shoot the long ball and get to the rim or free throw line with ease.

Of course, the college game is a different beast. Defenders will be bigger, stronger, and will allow him less space. But Trier is one of those special scorers who has the instincts to translate from day one.

That’s because Trier isn’t just a chucker or a guy that bullies his way through less physically gifted players. He has a craftiness to his game that will make him tough to guard at any level.

More than anything, it’s Trier’s confidence that will allow him to do what makes him successful at the college level. Trier has been called the best scorer in his class, and he plays with that swagger. Of all his talents, unrelenting confidence might be the most valuable to Trier’s development into a star scorer.

On Arizona’s 2015-16 team, that confidence will be vital. Though senior Kaleb Tarczewski will provide veteran leadership, the team will need more players to step up and shape the group’s identity. That’s the kind of role Trier was born to play.

It’s too early to tell what the rotation will be like, especially with a surplus of wings that can fill the shooting guard and small forward positions. But Trier will be a significant part of it, without question. Whether as a starter or one of the first off the bench, Trier’s ability to score will keep him on the court, especially in close games.

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  1. Papadeuce

    April 20, 2015

    Incredible to see a kid that can score in as many ways as he can at this age. Cannot wait to see him in an AZ uniform next year!!

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