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Aaron Gordon of the Oakland Soldiers Interview

June 16th, 2011 News No Comments

Aaron Gordon of the Oakland Soldiers talks to PGU.

Kellie Watson: This is Kellie Watson with We’re here with Aaron Gordon. Aaron tell me about your college recruitment process.
Aaron Gordon: Uh, it’s going well actually. I’m being recruited by a lot of big name schools, uh Kansas, Washington, Arizona. I mean a lot of Pac-10 schools. It’s going good, I’m gonna just try to take it slow and see what my options are.

KW: Are there any specific schools that you’re looking at the hardest right now?
AG: Uh, none in particular actually. Maybe Washington, but it’s wide open, wide open.

KW: What factors are most important to you in choosing a school?
AG: What fits me best. That’s basically 100% of the reason that.

KW: What fits you?
AG: Uh, maybe a up tempo speed, a player’s coach, gotta have good gear. That’s pretty much it.

KW: A lot of your teammates are looking at Arizona pretty hard. Is that a deciding factor?
AG: Um, I mean, it plays into it. But I think I’m gonna go where, what suits me best and that’s gonna be wherever you know what I mean.

KW: Is there anything specific that you’re working right now to improve your game?
AG: Um, my jump shot. It’s pretty broke right now so I gotta get it better.

KW: What do you think your best attribute is that you’re gonna really bring to a team?
AG: Um, I know how to win. How about that?

KW: And how is that? How do you win?
AG: Um, I’m just going to go 100% all the time. I’m an energy player and I’m just gonna give you all my effort.

KW: Are there any coaches that are looking at you the hardest right now or that you’re communicating with a lot?
AG: Yeah, Romar from Washington. I’m communicating with him a lot. But, uh, I mean, you’re not really allowed to talk to coaches, like, til you’re a junior so I’m just gonna wait til that

KW: Tell us something outside of basketball about yourself.
AG: Uh, I also do track and field

KW: I bet that attributes to your game a lot.
AG: Yeah, it helps, it helps.

KW: Do you have Facebook or Twitter that we can follow you at?
AG: Uh, yeah. You can find me on Facebook.

KW: Ok. This is Kellie Watson with

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