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Aaron Gordon In Home Visit Update

September 10th, 2012 News No Comments

Pras Murthy

Arizona coaches Sean Miller, Book Richardson, and Joe Pasternack visited Aaron Gordon and his family today to discuss his potential role with the Wildcats. Aaron Gordon is one of the best players in the class of 2013, and projects to be a game changing player for whatever college ends up landing him.

“The visit went great,” said Gordon. “The coaches showed us a presentation about Arizona and their history. I always enjoy talking with the coaches and today was no different. We also discussed how I would fit in with their team next year.”

Coach Miller has become well known for his in home visits, which give the coaches a chance to explain the nuances of the Arizona program.

“They showed me some graphics about their style of play and how their teams have done in the past,” Gordon said. “They also showed me footage of former players that were similar to how I could be used. It was exciting to think about being in that system.”

Gordon is no stranger to the recruiting process. He was able to observe as his older brother Drew went through it, and Gordon has been pursued by the nation’s best teams for years now.

“On one hand, a lot of this stuff isn’t new,” said Gordon. “But on the other, it’s a blessing to be able to go through this, and I’m trying to enjoy the process and take it all in. It’s an honor that these schools and coaches want me to play for them, and that never changes.”

Gordon had an up and down summer. After suffering injuries that sidelined him for most of the AAU season, Gordon came back to lead the Oakland Soldiers to a Peach Jam title, and then capped off the summer with an MVP performance at the Under Armor Elite 24.

“It was an honor to win MVP with so many other great players on the court,” said Gordon. “Being on the west coast, we get less exposure than the other top players, so it was nice to be able to perform like that on national television.”

Despite players like the Harrison twins or Julius Randle getting most of the national attention, Gordon is quickly making a name for himself. According to Yayareasfinest, their newest Gordon mixtape reached 35,000 views in less than 24 hours.

“Even though I was hurt, it was a really good summer,” said Gordon. “In addition to our success on the court, I finally got a chance to spend some time with my friends and family. But now I’m focused on school, our season, and recruiting.”

Gordon’s recruitment is about to pick up, as each school left on his list makes their pitch to land the potential superstar. Gordon has listed Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Kentucky, and Kansas. Gordon also visited Cal recently.

“The biggest thing with Arizona is all the pieces they have in place,” said Gordon. “When you look at their roster now, and they guys that are coming in next year, they look like Final Four contenders. I wouldn’t say I’m a missing piece because they have so much talent, but the coaches feel that I would put them over the top. The coaches want to win a national championship and they think I can help get them there.”

Gordon has said very little publicly about his recruitment, always trying to give the right answer. Gordon has said previously that Washington was his leader, but now feels that the schools recruiting him are on equal ground.

“I have a lot of great coaches recruiting me,” said Gordon. “And I want to be respectful and honest to all of them. I don’t have a leader right now. Arizona, Oregon, and Washington are all on equal ground. Those schools have been recruiting me forever, and it wouldn’t be fair to say one is above the other. Kentucky and Kansas are recruiting me too, but I haven’t known the coaches for as long, which is why the other three stand out.”

Kentucky will have an in home visit with Gordon tomorrow, and Washington is scheduled for one on September 18th. Each visit gives Gordon and his family another chance to get to know the coaches.

“Arizona has always done a good job recruiting me,” said Gordon. “So it’s hard to say they improved their position or anything, but they did help themselves with this visit.”

The coaches will return to Tucson before heading to Philadelphia on Thursday to meet with Rondae Jefferson and his family.

Aaron Gordon is scheduled to visit Arizona for the Red-Blue Game, which looks to be a big weekend for Arizona recruits.

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