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2018 SF Timmy Allen

June 17th, 2016 News No Comments

Vincent Mendoza

2018 small forward Timmy Allen of Mesa, AZ (Desert Ridge H.S) is one prospect that is right in the Wildcats’ backyard. The 6’6 207 pound Allen averaged 21.3 points per game while grabbing 9.4 rebounds during his sophomore season and is looking to develop even more over the summer.

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 11.44.55 PMPGU caught up with Allen to see how he feels about his game up to this point. “I get to the paint. I can get to the rim. I’m dangerous in the open court and can hit the pull up now. I put a lot of work in on that up to this point and it’s paying off. I can hit the step in three. I’m a well rounded offensive player.”

“I do need to work on my full court defense, though. Half court I’m a lock up defender. I can block shots and defend well. I’m working on my agility and quickness this summer so it’ll come with that.”

With a lot more time to develop there are still things that Allen is looking to improve upon and mentions who he likes to try and emulate. “I really like Brandon Ingram’s game I like his pull up game and I would like to have a pull up like him. LeBron, of course, I’m a big LeBron fan so I try to bully someone when I can and if I cant I look for other ways to produce. He dominates so when I have the opportunity I’m trying to do that too.”

Being a player with the skills that he has his recruitment is looking to pick up steam heading into the summer. “I’ve been hearing from Arizona during the process and I’ve talked to coach Miller. That’s a great school and he’s a great coach. I’m just keeping all of my options open right now. I’m taking everything into consideration at this point.”

“I just want to win as many games as possible this summer and do as well as I can and show coaches what I can do.”

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