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2017 Trevon Duval is a Complete Point Guard

August 11th, 2015 News No Comments

Vincent Edward Mendoza

Every year in the recruiting world there are cant miss prospects. One of those players that recently received an offer from head coach Sean Miller is 2017 elite point guard in Trevon Duval.

PGU chatted with him regarding Arizona and where they fit in as well as where he sees his game right now.

“I like to have the ball you know running up and down on fast breaks and getting other players involved and that’s what I like to do,” Duval told PGU.

Watching the New Jersey product perform you could say that he might be too concerned with getting his teammates involved in the game but he possesses true point guard skills and his ability to pass the ball is second to none.

Having elite athleticism to go along with his ability to make the right plays on the offensive side of the ball, Duval still takes pride on defense as well.

“Defense is a skill but it also has a lot do with heart. Also, wanting the ball and always wanting to play hard so if I just play hard and try to get the ball all of the time on defense I think I can be a pretty good defender,” he said.

Having so many high level programs involved with the five star talent, it’s a who’s who of coaches observing Duval’s game.

“It’s a blessing you know with all of these schools wanting me to play for their program. It’s just crazy because when I was younger no schools wanted me and all of the sudden all of these types of schools want me,” he said.

“I notice in the warm up line before the game starts. I see all of the coaches; all of the big time coaches so I notice that,” he said.

Already having a good relationship with Arizona assistant Book Richardson Duval tells PGU, “He’s a real good dude. He’s been recruiting me hard, you know, he talks to me almost every day. He checks in with me and also coach Miller. I talked to him recently and he offered me a scholarship.”

“I was wondering like why they weren’t recruiting me and they thought that I didn’t want to be on the west coast and I was like, ‘I’ll go anywhere’ so they started recruiting me harder and the offer came,” he said.

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