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2017 Trevon Duval at Pangos All-American Camp

June 9th, 2016 News 1 Comment

Vincent Mendoza

Sean Miller and the Arizona staff will surely be in pursuit of arguably the top point guard in the nation in 6’3 Trevon Duval and looking to build on an established relationship. PGU spoke with the star guard about what his game looks like heading into the summer.

“I played a national schedule featuring all kinds of kids. You know players going to Duke, Kentucky; all types of schools so I just learned how to play against them and improve my game and better my game and it all came together for me,” he said.

Being invited and named a co-MVP of the Pangos All American Camp Duval was really able to put his talent on display in front of some of the best players in the country. “I’ve had fun playing here. We’re getting up and down the court and playing fast. We’re just here having fun and playing with a bunch of high level kids.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 10.17.48 PMAs summer is getting started there are still things that the athletic point guard wants to improve upon. “I want to get my basketball IQ up as you can never know too much, my jumper and my handle, defense, everything. I just want to improve all around to become a better basketball player.”

“At API (Dallas, TX) we had to play defense and pressure the ball and I like slowing down the other team’s point guard and make him turn as many times as I can. I try and translate that in as many games as I can. Whether its high school or AAU or anything and don’t end up on other guys highlight tapes,” he joked with PGU.

“I just want to be improved and be ready for college.”

As a decision is further down the line for Duval he knows what he’s looking for when deciding on a school and discusses location. “I’m just looking for a school that fits my style and a good coach who can teach me how to grow as a young man and as a basketball player.”

“East coast, west coast, down south it doesn’t matter I’m definitely open to playing anywhere. I just want to get passed this part of summer with all the events and camps and AAU then start my visits and things like that.”

The Arizona coaching staff looks to position itself as a potential suitor for the top five talent and there is an established relationship already. “Coach Book, I talk to him almost every day. He’s my guy. I talk to him about life and he tells me everything about Arizona. Everything they have going on right now is great.”

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    July 25, 2016

    Love the interview….so good

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