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2017 Matt Coleman Talks Arizona Offer

August 18th, 2015 News No Comments

Vincent Edward Mendoza

6’2 170 pound point guard Matt Coleman 2017) out of Norfolk, VA is a prospect that has cemented himself as a name to be aware of as he heads into his junior season at his newly announced high school in Oak Hill Academy.

Since he was offered by Arizona, PGU caught up with Coleman to talk a little about his abilities and his thoughts on Arizona.

“My strong point is in transition, getting up and down the floor making quick plays. My bread and butter is my pull-up jumper. I’m a complete point guard and a natural born leader,” he told PGU.

“I know that I can shoot it and I have the confidence to not pass up open shots,” he added.

Coleman also touched on some things that he looks to work on as he heads into the season.

“Getting stronger, but that’ll come with age and I’ll put a lot of work when I get to Oak,” Coleman said.

“As a defender, it’s all about having that desire and I’m definitely good on the ball and a good off ball defender,” Coleman told PGU. “I’m willing to lock down and I have the ability to be a great on ball defender. I’m vocal so that makes a difference as well.”

Coleman has played with and against a lot of great players, but remains confident in his own game.

“It’s a great experience playing against higher level guys but at the same time you’re just playing so I’m playing to win and I’m in it to win,” he said.

“It motivates me to work harder so I can stay on top of the food chain,” he added. “You have it on your mind but I play to my strong suit and just show why those players are not better than me.”

Coleman said that his recent offer to Arizona meant a lot to him.

“If I go to a west coast school, I like Arizona and I like what they do with their guys. They just had Stanley Johnson and he played well there,” he said.

He mentioned that he has also drawn attention from the Arizona coaching staff.

“Mark Phelps, I talk to him a lot and Coach Sean sometimes too,” he said. “They just tell me that I’m a lead point guard and have a chance to be a pro one day, and that I can be that guy for them and they’re looking for a player like me.”

Phelps actually has ties to Coleman’s camp.

“It’s kind of ironic that he (Mark Phelps) knows my high school coach. He grew up with him and it’s pretty cool to have a local guy on the staff at Arizona,” he said.

Coleman also talked about some things that he’s looking for a in school.

“The coaching background and the relationship with their players,” he said. “How his guys develop overtime and if they’re getting better. I’m looking for a school with strong academics and somewhere with a lot of fan support as well.”

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