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2017 Jaylen Hands Visits Arizona

August 9th, 2015 News No Comments

Vincent Edward Mendoza

A player that Arizona has had their eyes on for a while now is 2017 point guard Jaylen Hands. Finishing up his second unofficial visit to Tucson, PGU caught up with him to see how the trip went.

Touring the campus with Sean Miller and being hosted by incoming freshman guard Justin Simon, Hands had a second chance to see what the University of Arizona had to offer seeing a side of the campus that didn’t involve a basketball game.

PGU talked with Hands about his feelings towards the attention and notoriety his game has allowed him to receive.

“Its crazy to know someone of that caliber values you or at least wants to watch you play. It can be overwhelming at first but as I get older its exciting to show what you got to coaches,” he told PGU.

“I know putting pressure from myself doesn’t help a lot so it boils down to either I play good or bad and if I play bad then I learn from it,” Hands said.

When Hands plays the gym is crawling with college coaches hoping to land a player of his caliber. “I definitely take notice of coaches who are there.” And that undoubtedly led to Arizona receiving a second visit from the young guard.

When asked if that has an impact on how that will shape his choices of schools to select he tells PGU, “any long term recruitment makes me and other players feel like they care more and have taken notice of your talents earlier on.”

Hands has also showed that he is only scratching the surface of the all around player he can be at the point guard position.

“I try to find my spots after I get my teammates involved. Ultimately, the biggest goal is to win so I can always do a better job of mixing it up in times where we lose,” he said.

As the summer wraps up and school begins, Hands has a few goals set and looks to hit those marks during the year.

“I want to get stronger and be a better defender,” he told PGU.

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