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2017 F/C Derek Culver

August 11th, 2016 News No Comments

Vincent Mendoza

2017 Derek Culver out of Ohio is shaping up to be a priority player for the Arizona coaching staff and is looking to cap off an outstanding Spring/Summer session. PGU caught up with the athletic big man to discuss his game.

“It’s good but just now I didn’t play well and there’s no excuse. Tomorrow I’m going to have to pick it up. I just need to slow down and take my time on the offensive end. My offensive game is progressing for sure, I just need to slow it down a bit on that side of the ball,” he told PGU.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.32.15 AM“I like to watch a lot of Karl Anthony Towns and Jabari Parker. I can dribble and for my size and position that is a bonus so I just want to add more of that to my game to help me get to the next level,” he said, “I’m not saying I’m those guys but that’s who I would like to get to.”

With the size and physicality that Culver plays with at 6-10, it is hard to find anyone who can match up against him when he has it rolling. Freakishly athletic while managing to not play small helps Culver on defense. “Honestly I think my defense is going to be able to translate to the next level easily.”

“I still have to work hard but I have length and I can move my feet. I’m not like a normal 6-10 guy because of my footwork. So I can help defend and if a coach needs me to step out and guard guards I want to be able to do that.”

“I just want to keep working. I just want to do everything I can to get better. Even if I don’t score I want to keep trying to do the little things to help my team get the wins while we’re here,” he added.

While many schools are vying to land the promising big man, Culver had some nice words for the Arizona program. “Its been going well. Coach Miller has been talking to me a lot and making sure everything is going good with me, my family and my coaches here.“

“He’s just trying to make sure that he’s not missing anything that’s going on with me and they’re trying to be at all my games and talk to me whenever he can so Arizona is good right now. Sean Miller and Coach Pasternack are the coaches that I talk to the most.”

“Arizona is definitely in the mix and they’re second to none.”

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