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2017 Daejon Davis Comfortable on and off Ball

August 12th, 2015 News No Comments

Vincent Edward Mendoza

2017-point guard Daejon Davis of Seattle, Washington, has caught the eye of Arizona head coach Sean Miller. PGU had a chance to talk with Davis about his game and colleges that are interested.

“Last year it was new to me to see all of the coaches in the stands and last year they weren’t here for me, this year they are and I just have to show them what I can do,” Davis told PGU.

“I see the coaches but I can’t tell them apart. I might get a text after the game telling me they’re here watching me and its just great to see and I see the gym full and I’m just like ‘show time,’” he added.

What makes Davis such a good prospect is his size and the ability to play on the ball and off.

“I’m more of an attacking guard and a playmaker. First, I look for my teammates and then if I need to I can score. I’m not going to say that I can score whenever I want but I can get a bucket when we need one,” he said.

“My ability to play both spots has helped me recruiting wise. I don’t limit myself to playing on the ball or off the ball and I’ve been playing on and off the ball my whole life. It’s not a big deal to me either way,” Davis said.

His length allows for him to be a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball.

“I think I can defend points guards and guys bigger than me. I’m a really good off ball defender too so I’m really good with rotations and help side defense. I can scrap for loose balls and the hustle plays and I put myself in good spots to get defensive rebounds.”

Davis had high praise for Arizona’s coaching staff.

“I mean Sean Miller is Sean Miller. I mean he’s one of the greatest coaches in the game right now and I think that will continue with his program,” he said. “I think that he does a great job at getting his guys to the next level while also developing his players in the program. I think that’s a good program.”

Already holding offers from both state schools and Cal while Gonzaga and Arizona are in the mix, Davis touched a little more on Arizona. “It’s just a blessing to be in contact with them and for them to be recruiting me and hopefully I can pick up an offer and have that as one of my options.”

With head coach Miller already showing interest in the young talented guard you can bet that Arizona will be heavily involved with Davis as his recruitment begins to take off.

“I think I’m going to take my time in the recruitment process and try and figure out who’s more down to earth than others. Just my relationship with the coaches and really get to know them and their program to see how successful they are,” he said.

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