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2017 Collin Sexton Rising Fast

August 4th, 2016 News No Comments

Vincent Mendoza

No player has seen his star rise as high and as fast as 2017 point guard Collin Sexton of Mabelton, GA. The 6’2 175 pound Sexton just finished winning a gold medal for the USA 17U team and continued his dominant performance in Las Vegas while the Arizona coaching staff looked on.

“My offense comes from my defense and I try to keep that up all game. If I can play good on defense then everything else can get rolling and that’s what I try to do.”

As Sexton’s game continues to develop PGU talked with him about what has gone into the process of getting to the level that has schools like Arizona, Kansas, Alabama, North Carolina, and North Carolina State salivating at the mouth to get.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 12.32.15 AM“Just working harder and longer in the gym. I’ve put in a lot of hours and I think my hard work paid off throughout the season and up until now. I had a great junior season and it rolled over to EYBL and rolled over until now so it’s amazing.”

Coming off of an MVP performance for team USA we talked about how his level of intensity rose but also about the team aspect as well. “Its makes you play harder. It shows that over there everyone is playing for one goal and that’s the gold medal. Nobody was playing for themselves. Nobody was playing selfish so that made it a lot easier to come away with the gold there.”

“I just want to go out and do my best every time I step out on the court. If I’m doing my best I think I can have a good game. Even if I’m not hitting shots I can do other things. I can rebound, get my teammates involved and play hard defense,” he added.

With a name like Arizona and a winning tradition recruits from all over the country recognize the name and having snagged a player from the state of Georgia last recruiting class in Kobi Simmons the Wildcats will another foot soldier trying to recruit Sexton.

“Kobi and I talk a lot and he tells me lot about Arizona. He hasn’t put on the full court pressure yet but I know its coming. He wants me to make the right decision for myself and I plan to start taking visits in August.”

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