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2017 Brandon McCoy Visits Arizona

October 19th, 2015 News No Comments

Vincent Edward Mendoza

It was a big weekend in Tucson as the Arizona basketball team had a chance to show and prove what they have been working on since last season ended, and for the newcomers to have a chance to play in front of a live crowd. Coaches use this exhibition game to see how the players will react and how they compete with one another outside of practice.

Brandon-McCoySean Miller and the Arizona coaching staff also hosted a handful of recruits, one of those being five star 2017 prospect Brandon McCoy. PGU caught up with the big man after his visit to see how the experience went for him.

“It was really good, man. I knew that I was going to get out there I just wasn’t sure when. But the scrimmage date worked out perfect and I am happy that I went,” McCoy said.

A few things in particular stood out out the visit for McCoy.

“The atmosphere for sure was crazy. That was my first time on campus so being able to attend a game, even for a scrimmage, it was wild in there,” he told PGU.

As other recruits have mentioned to PGU in the past, McCoy noted that the facilities were among the best in the country.

“The locker room was really nice. It reminds you of an NBA team’s locker room. They definitely know how to treat the players there and take care of them,” he said.

The five star talent left after the game was over but Arizona definitely made an impression on him.

“The intro videos were cool. I got to see more of the history and they did a good job of showing that. (Coach) Miller and I are just working on our relationship to build on that as that will be one of the main factors for me,” he said.

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