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2017 7 Foot Center Brandon McCoy

June 9th, 2015 News No Comments


2017 7’0 230 pound center Brandon McCoy is an elite prospect out of San Diego, CA who loves to play defense and can bring it on the offensive side of the ball as well.

PGU caught up with McCoy during the Pangos All-American Camp to talk about his game and see how the recruitment process is going so far.

Brandon-McCoy“I can play whatever coach wants me to play. I can step out and shoot the ball, put the ball on the floor or I can post up and use my footwork but I’m more focused on defense right now,” McCoy said.

When asked if, at this point, defense comes easy for the 7’0 footer McCoy replied with, “for now it does because I’m 7’0 ft. tall but you have to have the mindset to want to block a shot, contest a layup or don’t mind getting dunked on. I don’t block them all and sometimes I do get dunked on but all you need is that one block for them not to try that anymore.”

McCoy’s footwork, energy, and desire on the defensive end are evident in a setting like Pangos because not everyone in attendance is playing on both sides of the court.

College coaches are noticing too.

“They like my motor, my low post footwork and my ability to block shots because I like to contest shots,” he said.

With his ability to play with such a high motor you would think that that style of play takes away from his offensive skill set but from what McCoy showed over the weekend that is simply not true.

“I can shoot the ball and I can post up and use my footwork so wherever coach wants to give me the ball,” he said. “The high post and on the right block is where I am most comfortable but I can get it wherever because I can put the ball on the floor.”

In the Pangos Top 30 Cream of the Crop Game, McCoy had a solid rebound in traffic and proceeded to dribble the ball coast-to-coast and finish in transition, which says a lot about the 7’0 ft. center’s potential as his game matures. McCoy has soft but strong hands and catches entry passes with ease and finishes strong through contact looking to attack the rim when the opportunity is there. He can create angles around slower big men by using his footwork and body to seal off defenders around the basket.

“I need to work on staying low all of the time whether on offense or defense I need to stay low and things will come easier because it helps me keep my balance,” he said.

As the summer circuit begins McCoy is already seeing his stock rise amongst the top tier programs across the country.

“Michigan State, Arizona, UCLA, Kansas and Oregon are the schools that really keep in touch with me,” he said.

“I just want to go to a school where I know that I can fit like the missing puzzle piece and I just want to be my teammates best friend,” he added. “I want to make sure they’re good from a basketball standpoint but more importantly the academics need to be there because basketball won’t always be there and I want to be a marine biologist possibly so I’ll definitely be looking at that when it comes to a school to see if they offer a major that I am interested in.”

McCoy plans to take an unofficial visit to Arizona by the end of the summer to get a better feel for the campus and program as a whole and by the looks of his skill set the coaches wont be backing off as his recruitment will only heat up as the summer progresses.

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