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2016 Michael Cage Jr Evaluation

August 24th, 2014 News 4 Comments


PGU Scout Kevin Geisler examines the game of 2016 Arizona target Michael Cage Jr. Cage Jr, son of a former NBA player, also plays high school ball for the nationally renowned Mater Dei Monarchs.

Michael ‘MJ’ Cage Jr.
Position: PF
Class: 2016
HS: Mater Dei
AAU: California Supreme
Height: 6-9
#: 35 (HS), 15, 35, 98 (AAU)

Comes from a great basketball program in Mater Dei and is son of former NBA player, has been groomed to compete at the highest levels….. Great size at 6-9 and has a good frame as well….. Is active around the hoop and gets both defensive and offensive rebounds through positioning and timing….. Good length….. Can shoot the midrange jumper, has nice touch out to 15-17 feet….. Can lack fluidity at times, not a jumper or vertical athlete…… Needs to develop more back to the basket moves….. Feel for the game and shooting ability make him one of the better post prospects in the 2016 class.

Fluid hips, not overly athletic off screens but breaks off them well and can throw picks. Will fake set to pull man off and then roll to the basket.

Not a true pick and roll PF due to his lack of speed in the lane but with continued growth into his body and familiarity with the system this could become an asset in the future.

Not the most aggressive dunker for his size but is able. He excels off lobs even though he lacks vertical strength.

Some of the best rim awareness I’ve seen in a 2016 player, he loves to plod around the basket waiting for tip-ins and rebounds. Sometimes a little slow getting to the basket but when the ball is in the air he’s active and pursuant.

Decent footwork for player his size, has a nice floater and hook. Uses hips for extra leverage. Has an above average turn-around elbow jumper. Will need to work on creating more space by working on his ball handling skills. His ball fake is average at best and rarely puts players on their toes.

A good denier. Has great length so he challenges players to put it up on him and is fantastic pursuing blocks from behind. Best of all he is patient.

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4 Responses to “2016 Michael Cage Jr Evaluation”

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  1. Jeff

    August 25, 2014

    Spectacular analysis. I hope Cage becomes a Cat

  2. Papadeuce

    August 25, 2014

    This is the type of eval you only get at PGU!!! Excellent writeup on a kid we’d be lucky to have.

  3. steve green

    August 28, 2014

    PGU……..The best at info on the Cats THANK YOU PGU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jack Nelson

    August 30, 2014

    I covered all of M.J.’s high school games in his first two years at Mater Dei and by the middle of his freshman year earned a starting position on the California State Div 1 championship Mater Dei Monarchs and then in his Soph season he improved immensely and was instrumental in helping the Monarchs to the State championship in the open division which made them the first team to win 4 straight championships in the top division in California history and that also enabled Stanley Johnson to become the first California player to start on 4 straight championships and by winning that game enabled M.J. to possibly becoming the second player to accomplish that if he can lead the Monarchs to two more championships as an upperclassman and he certainly has the potential to do that if he continues to show as much improvement as he did in the past season. He already has a longer wing span than his dad, former NBA great Michael Cage Sr. If he improves as much as he did this past season, I would expect him to be a high school all American in his senior year.

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