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2016 Josh Jackson Talks Pace, Position

July 31st, 2015 News No Comments

Vincent Edward Mendoza

Arizona was represented at the prestigious Fab 48 AAU tournament in Las Vegas by none other than head coach Sean Miller and assistant Joe Pasternack, as they kept a close eye on top 2016 prospect Josh Jackson as he willed his team to victory while fully displaying his all around game.

“I think my team plays better in transition when we play faster. That causes problems for a lot of teams for how fast we play. They tried to slow the game down a little bit and it was working. We started playing at their pace but you know as we started adding pressure to them we sped them up and it worked in our advantage,” he tells PGU.

With the size and versatility that Jackson possesses at 6’7 185 pounds his 1Nation team really uses him in different spots all over the court to create mismatch problems for opposing defenders. “It’s been pretty normal for me. I still just try to play my game. I play the four or the five but I think my natural position is a three so even when I’m out there at the either the four or the five I still have the mentality of a three.”

In showcase tournaments like the Fab 48 the coaches section is filled top to bottom with every big name coach in the business and you can bet that they’re all locked in with Jackson’s every move, however, the #1 player in the nation is able to see past that.

“I try not to let it get to me at all like ‘oh Bill Self is over there or Sean Miller is over there’ because you know sometimes that can affect your game and play bad and I just try to remember that even if I have a bad game we’re high school kids out here. Even if I have a bad game every once in a while I just try to play my game and win that’s all.”

PGU also touched more on recruiting as coaches make their final push for the five star talent. “Pretty much the schools that I’m dealing with I know exactly what they have to offer and now it’s just up to me to decide which one of these schools I want to attend.”

“It’s going to be a real hard decision, there are a lot of great coaches, a lot of great people and great coaching staffs and they care about the kids. That’s the type of place that I want to be around. Somewhere where I feel safe and the people around I know that they care about me and have my back.”

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