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2016 Frank Jackson Talks Arizona

April 27th, 2015 News No Comments

Ezra Amacher

PGU caught up with 2016 combo guard Frank Jackson, a 6-3 product out of Alpine, Utah. Jackson recently had an in-home visit with Arizona and is garnering the attention of other top programs on the west coast and around the country.

frankHow was the in-home visit with Sean Miller?
“It was really cool. I really appreciate him coming out. He and Coach Stoudamire were there. They walked us through a presentation, told us a little bit about themselves and what they’re about and style of play. They showed me some videos and pictures of campus.”

Any good stories from your in-home visit with Arizona?
“They came straight from the airport and Coach Miller’s luggage got lost. That was pretty funny because he was in shorts and a t-shirt. They’re cool guys. It’s really cool to hear Coach Stoudamire tell stories because he played 13 seasons in the NBA and was really successful there. And then hearing about Coach Miller coaching at Xavier, playing at Pitt and stuff like that.”

Do you have any plans of visiting campus anytime soon?
“We talked about that a little bit. It will probably be some time late May or early June. If not, definitely in the summertime.”

Any other visits?
“I’m going to Duke at the end of June.”

When did Arizona start recruiting you the hardest?
“Before my high school season, so last October or November. They watched me at my high school and some practices and they decided to offer me.”

Anybody else coming after you?
“UCLA, Stanford, Utah, BYU, and Gonzaga.”

Describe your game and what you do well on the court.
“I like to score the basketball and I think I do that very well. At the same time I like to facilitate and get open shots for my guys. I like to be a leader on the court and that’s important being a point guard.

Do you see yourself playing the one or the two in college?
“I could see myself playing either.”

What are your plans this summer?
“I’m going to continue to play on the Adidas Circuit. I’m also going to the NBA Top 100. Just keep going to these different tournaments.”

When do you want to make your decision?
“I want to say before high school starts this fall. But that could change. I may need more time but right now I’m pushing for in the fall.”

Why so early?
“Just to focus on high school basketball and get it out of the way.”

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