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2015 Tyler Dorsey Player Evaluation

July 29th, 2013 News No Comments

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AK Murthy

2015 Tyler Dorsey has a rare combination of size and play-making ability. At 6’4 he can handle point guard duties, but he’s also a bouncy athlete who can score from the perimeter and at the rim.

Dorsey is at his best when he orchestrates offense off the dribble. He’s quick with the ball and navigates traffic well, making him a threat to knife into the teeth of defenses and create for himself or others. He also has a great change of pace dribble, shrugging off defenders by going full sprint and stopping on a dime with ease.

He’s solid at finding cutters, but more importantly he’s a willing passer that actively looks to set up his teammates. Unlike the other combo guards at the top of the 2015 rankings, Dorsey falls closer to the point guard side of the spectrum.

Despite his ability to facilitate, Dorsey remains a potent scorer. He improved his perimeter shooting tremendously over the last year or so, and he is a consistent threat to hit three’s or long two’s. With a quick release, Dorsey can catch and shoot as well.

Dorsey’s athleticism also allows him to get shot attempts at the rim, where he finishes at a high percentage. He’s quick enough to get by perimeter defenders and he has the vertical ability and mid air body control to rise over rim protectors, making him a particularly dynamic scorer.

That athleticism also translates to the defensive end, where Dorsey projects as a lockdown type defender. He’s laterally quick and moves well on defense, but he also creates deflections and steals with his length and active hands.

Dorsey uses his physical gifts to challenge shots at the rim as well, netting him more chase-down blocks than you’d expect from a guard. He’s also an above average rebounder who can lead the break after securing a defensive board.

Dorsey thrives in an open court, transition-oriented style of play. Though he can be turnover prone at times, he has great instincts that shine when freelancing. He has a tendency of trying to do too much with the ball, but he has shown improvement in his decision making while taking what the defense gives him.

At the end of the day, Dorsey is a player with very few weaknesses and a vast array of strengths. His size and play-making make him a special prospect, but his athleticism and scoring ability puts him over the top as one of the 2015 class’ truly elite players.

With his ability to affect the game on both sides of the ball, Dorsey might be the most complete guard in 2015, and projects to be an impact player at the highest level of college basketball.

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