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2015 Stephen Zimmerman Visits Arizona

November 10th, 2014 News 7 Comments

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Ace Thakore

Five-star center Stephen Zimmerman traveled to Tucson this weekend for his fourth official visit. Zimmerman, a top prospect from Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas, toured and experienced the University of Arizona campus during the 100th Homecoming, taking in both the football and basketball games. Point Guard U caught up with Zimmerman’s mother, Lori Stevens, to discuss the visit.

“It was the first visit where we were the only recruit visiting,” said Stevens. “Coach Book picked us up at the airport and then we had dinner with the coaches on Friday night. Zimm also hung out with the team.”

Stevens described the itinerary on Saturday and the overall campus tour.

“On Saturday we had breakfast, then toured the campus, watched practice, and did the academic portion of the tour,” said Stevens. “We really liked the way Sean Miller ran practice. It was the best practice and walk-through we have been to.”

Zimmerman has visited Arizona before, but this opportunity was different because of the other schools he has seen recently. Zimmerman took official visits to UCLA, Kansas, and Kentucky before visiting Arizona.

“We had seen the strength and conditioning program before but we wanted to see it again. We could ask better questions after seeing some of the other schools’ programs,” Stevens told PGU. “Zimm had lunch at Rincon Market and then went tailgating.”

The Zimmermans enjoyed the tailgating festivities and witnessed Arizona defeat Colorado 38-20. Afterwards, Zimmerman was able to spend time with the coaches and players.

“Later that night we had dinner at Coach Miller’s house where we played Madden, ping pong, and pool,” said Stevens. “Zimm really clicked with Ryan Anderson.”

On Sunday, Team Zimm watched shootaround before the exhibition game against Caly Poly Pomona and had a one on one talk with Sean Miller.

“We cleared up a lot of things and discussed the role he would play in Stephen’s recruitment over the next five months,” Stevens explained. “We love the way Sean coaches. I’ve always thought he was a gangster. I’d like to see Arizona recruit us as hard as anybody. It’s a great opportunity.”

“Sean texted us tonight when we arrived home,” Stevens continued. “He was making sure we enjoyed the visit.”

Zimmerman will likely make his college decision during the spring signing period.

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7 Responses to “2015 Stephen Zimmerman Visits Arizona”

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  1. LWash

    November 10, 2014

    As usual thanks for keeping us posted. Thanks for taking the time to go get the story and bringing it to us. Great job!!!

  2. Jeff

    November 10, 2014

    Awesome that Zimmerman’s mom has a lot of good things to say about Arizona. I love how she refers to Miler as a gangster in a complimentary manner, haha.

  3. losgatos8484

    November 10, 2014

    Regardless of where he chooses, it sounds like Zimm is going about this the right way. I hope he ends up in Tucson! Bear Down.

  4. Papadeuce

    November 10, 2014

    Gotta love seeing a family that asks questions about the progam, coaching, facilities, etc. and having a coach with all the answers. Glad to see Zimm enjoyed the trip.

    PGU with the awesome followup on the visit as usual. Thanks guys.

  5. mvpreed2

    November 10, 2014

    Not trying to look too much into it but the fact that you have a recruit’s mom saying that she WANTS us to recruit her son as hard as anybody is a testament to what could happen.
    Either way I think Miller is going to land one of these big fish he is after.
    The question is which one will he land and will he be the first of the three to commit?

  6. Mike Goldthwaite

    November 10, 2014

    “We really liked the way Sean Miller ran practice. It was the best practice and walk-through we have been to.”

    To me, this is the most auspicious observation of the visit communicated…Zimm loves basketball the way a musician loves music. Not that the other stuff is just puff, but that we got right what’s really important to the Zimmerman family, and Zimm himself.

    Someday, it’d be nice for PGU to write a little bit about our conditioning program without revealing, of course, that which might be too proprietary. I’m very curious about it. Our players always seem to be in excellent condition and don’t get injured often. This speaks volumes about our program….

  7. Onebigpappa

    November 13, 2014

    Not sure we really want the kid. He is a talent for sure but I’ve heard from some sources that he has some serious issues regarding longevity. Seems he is pretty injury prone.. I’m sure the staff has been informed and will make the right choice.

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