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2015 Ivan Rabb Running with the Oakland Soldiers

June 1st, 2012 News No Comments


Ace Thakore

Ivan Rabb is only finishing his freshman year in high school but he is already making a name for himself with his flashy play and hustle on the court. If he develops into the type of athlete people except him to, he could be the next great talent to come out of the Bay Area.

The 6’8, 190 pound forward plays for the Oakland Soldiers and has looked impressive during the run he’s gotten.

Asked to describe his game, he answered, “I am a very versatile player. I like to go inside and out. I’d rather be inside the post. I bring intensity and energy and I just like to play hard.”

His size and skills caught the attention of the Arizona coaching staff and Sean Miller offered him his first scholarship offer about a month ago.

Even though Rabb is from Oakland and still has three more years to go in high school, he is very familiar with the Cats. “I just like the history. I know they sent more players to the NBA then any other college.”

Getting to the professional level is not something he is concerned about right now, however. “My main focus is to get a good education and set myself up for the future.”

Rabb will have plenty of time to worry about recruiting in the future and doesn’t have a specific time table set for when he wants to commit.

For now, he is enjoying his time with the Soldiers. “It’s fun. I get to meet a lot of new people and make a lot of connections. I enjoy it a lot.”

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