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2014 Craig Victor Player Evaluation

August 7th, 2013 News No Comments

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AK Murthy

6-foot-8 220 lb Craig Victor is an athletic, muscular yet mobile forward with a penchant for scoring around the basket with his combination of size and quickness.

Victor’s biggest impact is on the offensive side of the ball. His strength and fluidity make it hard to keep him out of the paint, where he finishes well through contact. He has a tendency to attack the baseline, where he shows quick feet and surprising agility for a player his size.

Good footwork and fluidity give Victor an almost innate sense of how to create space on the interior. He identifies his spots in the paint and is usually wily enough to beat defenders of all sizes to them. Victor is also capable of putting the ball on the floor and attacking the rim, though he can lack body control at times, resulting in charges or low percentage attempts.

Still, Victor does a good job of drawing fouls and getting free throw attempts. He brings the ball up from the hip while shooting free throws, but he hits at a good rate. And more importantly, he’s a confident free throw shooter that wants to get to the line.

Although not a vertical leaper, Victor makes explosive moves around the basket. He is a good finisher with either hand, and he uses the glass well when attacking from angles. With a good hands and a soft touch, Victor is dangerous when he’s allowed to operate down low.

Victor is an above average rebounder who shows good hustle on he glass. He boxes out well and gets most his rebounds off positioning, not athleticism. He’s also not afraid to bang, as he thrives on physicality.

Victor can also run the floor well for a post player, he gets up and down the court with ease and can fill the wings on the break. He would fit well in a system that emphasizes transition play.

His mid range jumper is improving, and has become a consistent weapon for him. Though more at home closer to the basket, Victor has shown the ability to step out to midrange and knock down jumpshots. With his already solid post offense, this gives Victor considerable potential as a stretch four as he refines his shooting.

One of Victor’s best qualities is his willingness to play team basketball. He’s a willing passer, who does a good job of playing within the offense. He’s also a good teammate whom players rally around, making him a positive locker room presence.

Ultimately, Victor’s fate could be determined by how well he can play defense. Will he be able to check taller, stronger opponents down low? Will he be able to stick on forwards that take him to the perimeter? Those are valid questions without clear answers.

Despite those questions, Victor has a great body and an advanced set of offensive skills to build on. Used properly, he should be a very capable scorer at the college level, and has all the makings of a significant contributor for the nation’s top programs. He also projects as a three or four year player, giving a program a solid piece to build the future around.

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