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2012 Guard Gabe York Interview

September 7th, 2011 News No Comments


C2C Hoops and caught up with 2012 Arizona commit Gabe York, the only guard in Arizona’s #1 ranked recruiting class.

Kellie Watson: Kellie Watson with Gabe York and We’re in Venice Beach. Gabe, tell me about the event today.
Gabe York: Uh, I mean it was great, uh, being able to come out here and play with all these, uh, great, great guys, uh, it was just a fun experience for me.

KW: Now you’re not feeling too well, tell me about that.
GY: Uh, I mean, I just came back from the hospital yesterday. They told me to be on bed rest for 24 hours. So I did that. Um, and then I tried to come out here and play a little bit, uh, so, just to show my face and they said that there’s some Arizona people coming out so, I just wanted to come out and, and play a little bit for them.

KW: How do you feel about Arizona’s team this year?
GY: I think they’re gonna be really great. Um, I think they’re be, I think they’re gonna do really good.

KW: Tell me about your playing with Midnight Run.
GY: Uh, I mean, it was a great experience, being able to play with those NBA guys was great, uh, being able to guard ‘em. It’s gonna be a lot easier for me to go back to high school, playing with the high school kids, uh, ‘cause those are definitely the best guards in, uh, in the world.

KW: Now why are these guys [Grant Jerrett and Brandon Ashley] picking on you so much?
GY: I don’t, I don’t even know. We, we’re, bringing, we’re, we’re bringing Brandon to, uh, to UA so y’all be ready for that.

KW: Do you have a Twitter or Facebook we can follow you at?
GY: Yeah, Twitter is @GabeYork1 and my Facebook is Gabe York.

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